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ricky99(1) Ricky, you’’ve just finished up a stateside tour with the Kevin K Band. How did the tour go ? The tour went great-although it wasn’’t a whole tour of the States, just shows in LA/Hollywood etc. Real great shows with Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones, Jeff Dahl, Leaving Trains, Street Walkin’ Cheetahs, Stitches, etc. (2) So what’s been happening with the Brats of late ? You had your first album from ’91 re-issued on I-94, which sounds fucking great !! Well, we’re trying to get the new album out – we have a few labels that want to do it, but lack of recording funds is keeping us from getting it done. But for now we got a new 7″ coming out in September on I-94 Recordings, and songs coming out on various comps including tribute albums to Flamin Groovies (Safety Pin Records – Spain) Dogs D’amour (Desert Inn Records – Italy) Forgotten Rebels, Hanoi Rocks etc, so there will be lotsa new Brats stuff coming out in the next few months and going into the year 2000. (3)The Trash Brats are about to go out on tour across the states in a double with Jeff Dahl right ?Yep. We are doing a midwest/east coast tour which starts on Sept 10 in Indianapolis, Indiana. We’re hitting a lot of cool cities including Chicago, Pittsburgh, NYC, Philly, Detroit (of course) Cincinnati etc. Should be a lot of fun ! (4) The Brats have been around for 10 years. Can you select a couple of highlights over that period ? Well, one of the big highlights was just recently we played here in Detroit with Joan Jett & the Blackhearts for like 8’000 – 10’000 people at this big outdoor place that we have always seen concerts at since we were kids. For sure the biggest crowd we have played to yet and in our hometown, so that was really fuckin’ cool ! Also the mini-tour we did with them a few years ago was fuckin’ great, I mean getting high with Joan herself in our beat-up Ford van ??! That was one of the great rock and roll moments for me for sure ! Of course other highlights were other shows where we got to play with so many of our rock and roll heroes and fave bands, like Johnny Thunders, The Dickies, Wayne Kramer, Teenage Head, Motorhead, Sylvain Sylvain etc…..(5) Why should touring Australian bands include Detroit rock city on their tour itinerary ?I think that speaks for itself. I mean doesn’’t just listening to Radio Birdman etc just make ya wanna see Detroit ?! But really it’s a town with such a great rock and roll history amongst other things. Plus if they’re a real rock and roll band, they’ll have a blast time here and the crowds will really dig ’em. (6) Favourite Australian band ? AC/DC for sure, with Radio Birdman and Rose Tattoo not far behind. (7) A Vegemite sandwich, kangaroo steak, or a can of Fosters ? Lots of cans of Fosters! (8) Kiss or The Sweet ? Yaaa…I love them both but I would have to go with Kiss as they were my fave band when I was a kid and the reason I got so into rock and roll to begin with – although Sweet’s ‘Desolation Boulevard’ is one of my all time fave albums!

(Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 2: Sept 1999)


R-3751733-1342921765-7233.jpegTotal trash-punk mayhem from one of the best out there – Detroit’s infamous Trash Brats. First off I gotta say that this is the coolest artwork I have seen in a long time, with the lads in caricature guise.( and also the coolest lyrical sex-theme since Sydney’s Candy Harlots released ‘Red Hot Rocket’ back in ’88. ) ‘Rocket To Heaven’ is a sheer classic rock ‘n’ roll song, heavy on the melody, a rock solid chorus and as snotty and trashy as they come. Raucous guitars, punchy vocals, some piano, and you have what is without a doubt the best song the Brats have put out. Plenty of Dolls-isms for the purists, yet this stuff stands on his own merits, and it’s FUN. Cross the Dead Boys with Kiss maybe and you are on the money.This should be massive. In an equitable world, teenage girls would be pinnin’ up Brats posters on their bedroom walls and guys would be playing air-guitar to ‘Rocket To Heaven’. It’s just that good ! Yet Matchbox 20 and the Foo Fighters are today’s rock ‘n’ roll stars ? Give me a break already.The flip side is a raunchy run through the old Dead Boys standard ‘3rd Generation Nation’ which again cooks. Buy this one without any risk at all. On the very cool Lawless label.

(Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 6: Jan 2001)

What: Kevin K Band – 1998 Japan Tour Tee-Shirt

…and so it was that in late 1998 – the Kevin K Band from NYC undertook a tour of Japan. The ‘Scene Of The Crime’ visited cities such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and even historic Kyoto !  If you do not know who Kevin K is – shame on you. Go and discover one of the last of the genuine rock n roll heroes left alive. I just unearthed this tour shirt which brings back great memories of Kirin Beer, the Trash Brats (Ricky and Toni were in KK’s band), Elmer Germack, Ted Sterns, Gaku Tori, Tokyo’s guitar-trash kings the Golden Arms, Murder Style – and a drummer named Karl Durden who was dubbed Jerry (as in Nolan) ! Oh yeah, and some blistering rock n roll tuneage which was enjoyed by all who attended !!

Site Name: Motor City Rock

This is one very cool web site with tons of useful and interesting info. The site’s main purpose is to document the bands and venue’s who made up the local Detroit music scene in the 80’s. The Rockbrat absolutely loves these kinds of sites which essentially document and preserve a particular piece of rock n roll history. Having befriended thee Trash Brats, I obviously found their page the most interesting  (check out the attached original fliers!) – but learnt so much about many band’s I was unaware of. A truly astonishing website which you should visit often. Two thumbs up from the Rockbrat !  

Kevin K Band: Oriental Nights (1999)
Tracks: 1. Fire It Up 3:38; 2. Melody 2:12; 3. Too Fast To Live 2:14; 4. Hook Me Up 3:55; 5. Time Don’t Wanna Tell 3:03; 6. Blame It On Mom 3:44; 7. Disappointed In You 2:23; 8. Crime Scene 3:04; 9. She 3:20; 10. La Vida Loca 2:44; 11. Teen Suicide Story 3:07; 12. Too Much Junkie Business 3:36; 13. Chinese Rocks 3:09; 14. Too Fast To Live (Studio) 2:02; 15. Hook Me Up (Studio) 2:46; 16. Just Like That 2:57; 17. OK Tonight 2:20; 18. Lives Up On A Hill 3:01; 19. Just Another Girl 3:50; 20. Bad Moon Rising 2:09
This is such a cool live album – highlights ? ALL OF IT ! Ricky Rat doing Time Don’t Wanna Tell is cool too.