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What: Stryper set-list (1989)

Nabbing concert set-lists from other zealous rock geeks could be hazardous to your health ! However, on March 31st 1989, at Sydney’s Homebush Stadium (does that place still exist or was it re-named ?) the good lord was indeed – smiling down on Mr Rockbrat !! I walked away with vocalist/guitarist Michael Sweet’s set-list which was a great souvenir from a great show. Actually I’d seen them in Canberra the night before, and they were cooking on both occasions. I’d always thought that ‘To Hell With The Devil’ was a great set-opener, but if you see from the list, they were encoring with that track during this time. Great days.


The flier is advertising an in-store appearance in Sydney from 1987 and the poster is from a Canberra show in 1989. Stryper created somewhat of a buzz on their 1987 tour, with the media no doubt curious about the rock n roll and religion angle. As I’ve stated before, they were a great rock band – full stop. Great songs, great musicians, great to watch. A good time right ? ‘To Hell With The Devil’ and ‘Soldiers Under Command’ are right up there with any great hard rock releases from the mid-1980’s. From memory the in-store was well attended – unlike the Canberra show, which had a poor turn-out. Support band came by way of local Canberra outfit Mouse. Appalling band name – appalling band. Stryper were pretty good that night and belted out the tunage to the tiny crowd. Check out the soundcheck snippet which the Rockbrat nabbed here and the great shot of vocalist Michael Sweet here

What: Stryper Signed Magazine

Some time in Winter of 1987, Stryper glorified us all by visiting Australia after touring Japan. If you liked the Christian message – that’s great. If you were not fussed and looked past the image and the message – you saw a damn fine rock band with great songs; four gifted musicians with a vocalist who had one of the best voices in rock. Stryper also produced some memorable songs filled with heavy riffs and strong melodies. Hell (whoops) the Rockbrat dug ’em – even saw them live in 1987 and 1989. God’s rock n roll soldiers took time out in 1987 to sign a magazine for me which is displayed here.

Stryper’s Michael Sweet

Who: Michael Sweet – Stryper
When: 30 March, 1989 – Canberra, Australia

 I love this shot. The hand in front of him kinda looks like it is forming the ‘pointed index finger sign’, which a lot of fans attending Christian Rock Bands would do.

Hear the soundcheck we nabbed from outside the venue !

Of all the 80’s heavy rock outfits, the bands which most resembled women were without a doubt Stryper and Poison. Back in 1987 when Stryper toured Australia they appeared on a current affairs program hosted by Terry Willesee who – after the segment had aired retorted – ‘they’re pretty looking blokes aren’t they’ ! They were a great rock band – with a great live show and killer songs. If you showed up hammered you’d have sworn they had Farrah Fawcett on drums ! Anyone else out there resemble 80’s rockers ? Watch this post !!!