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joan Jett Australia 1995Found this tour advert in an old magazine tonight (anyone remember the short-lived Rebel Razor ?) and I thought it was time to reminisce a little. Joanie had last toured Australia back in 1982, and although she remained productive, there was no big hit here to warrant a further tour downunder (ala I Love Rock n Roll and Crimson and Clover back in the day). So it was with some surprise that a tour – co-headlining with Divinyls, was announced for the winter of 1995. I cannot believe that this tour was nearly two decades back. Where the hell are the years going ? We have written a lot about Joan Jett over the years, so I will not repeat myself – just go grab a beer, put on your copy of Pure and Simple and get in the mood. Anyway, we saw a few shows on this tour, including one at Revesby – long time Rockbrat co-hort Giglizard reviewed the show for Vicious Kitten fanzine at the time, and stated that it was the nearest he’d been to a religious experience (the tour was dubbed ‘an evening mass’). and you know what ? Gig Lizard called it right, once again. 1995 was a weird time for rock n roll. I know, apart from underground rock – there was nothing of interest for me in the mainstream – apart from checking out the the dreamy Merril Bainbridge. Jett/Divinyls did some odd venues on this tour – Barooga (?), Manly Leagues Club in Brookvale, and St George’s Basin to name a few. Maybe the Sussex Inlet region was home to a horde of riot grrrls, who knows ? A couple of memories of this tour stand-out: Getting to meet Joan at the Coogee Bay Hotel post-gig was pretty special.This was not planned – I had spent the Blackheart set gulping brew and taking pix with my old Canon SLR, when a few minutes after their set, I spy Joan and minder (Kenny L I presume) saunter past and made a bee-line after her. Glad I did, cos the opportunity of meeting her again at other shows, here and in the USA, never materialised. I also got a whole bunch of Runaways stuff signed by her during this tour – they come with me to the grave. Another memory is of just how potent Joan and the Blackhearts were – night after night – leaving the Divinyls (whom I dig, big time) to come up short most gigs. Seeing Joan up close, belting out “I Wanna Be Your Dog” will also live with me – man it was good, and freakin’ loud too. I reckon – apart from the classic Blackheart line-up of Byrd, Ryan, Crystal – this is her most solid outfit. Guitarist Tony Bruno is tres cool, and gave the band great balance. Anyway, a great tour – from a true rock n roll original. you shoulda been there kids.






ImageAs a self-confessed girl-band geek, I often scour YouTube to see who is out there making waves. It is often like trying to locate your lost white cat in a snow storm – there are so many videos of shitty guitar players who feel it necesary to upload bad sounding recordings of their horrendous offerings.Some time back I struck gold – discovering a 26 year old Parisian gal who plays the meanest rock-guitar since Miss Orianthi. Her name is Juliette Valduriez – not too much is known about her. Fact is that some of her home-made video clips have attracted hits of over one million views each and she has over 70’000 subscribers. She is not just a shredder – she plays with tons of feel and emotion which cannot be learnt – it is a gift. Her 15 recordings include covers of Ozzy, Stones, Hendrix, Motorhead, Floyd and a stunning take on the Beatles’ She’s So Heavy. Points for covering the Exploited and Stooges – which is an indication she is influenced by many styles of rock. Having attracted a lot of admirers in a short space of time, you think she’d be a star, right ? Not so. She has so far remained out of the spotlight (though I note that someone has created a fan-made site) and has not upped any new material in twelve months. Would be a waste of an amazing talent if Juliette has gotten hitched and hung up the axe – which is what some followers have speculated online. If you are a guitar geek or just dig rock – check her out – I am sure you will be impressed. Juliette Valduriez YouTube page


Update: Juliette was interviewed on the Australian Rock Show Podcast in May 2017.  The interview (without the songs) can also be heard on YouTube



35 years on – still demolishing all new comers

Let me start this rant with an undisputed fact…..this record was released 35 years ago and it still blows most current sounding rock acts out of the water. It is a very special album which sounds amazingly fresh and relevant. It has aged well my friends and there is much to rave about with Radios Appear (The White Album) – but where to start ? Okay – the songs. Oh man the songs. Every track is white hot rock n roll. What Gives, Non Stop Girls, Do The Pop, the glorious Man With Golden Helmet, New Race, the fiery Descent into The Maelstrom….need I say more ? How’s about Aloha Steve & Danno, Anglo Girl Desire, Murder City Nights. Hand Of Law and Hit Them Again. Not one style-lifter in sight. Keeley’s drumming is way underrated, as is Warwick Gilbert’s bassplaying. Pip Hoyle’s contribution to these tracks can never be underestimated and his sounds washes over much of the record. Good tunes however need their own distinguishable identity to raise them to another level, and these tracks are given that by Rob Younger’s distinctive vocals and the searing guitar work of Deniz Tek and Chris Masuak. Sure there is the MC5/Stooges linkage – that Detroit sound is littered throughout the grooves, yet – as Mr Ratboy recently reminded me over lunch – there is a little ‘Doors’ in there too….and so there is. When you consider that in 1977 – the local radio was airing lightweight crap like Pussyfoot, Andy Gibb, Smokie, Shaun Cassidy, David Soul or Boney M – and then along comes Radio’s Appear ! My goodness. The firepower contained on these tracks is mindblowing and it gave hope for those rock n roll soldiers who cared – those 70’s Aussie punks who had their ears to the ground. It is hailed as groundbreaking and justifiably so. I would stack this record up against anything released in the past thirty years and it will always hold its own. Me and the Cowboy have long been Radio Birdmaniacs and why not ! The Kids are still saying yeah hup. If you have never heard this album, take the tip from Mr Rockbrat and buy this sucker. You will love it.

Tokyo's Neurotic Spiders - Down On The Street and Down To Kill !

Mr Rockbrat was in his favourite Tokyo Record store recently one quiet Sunday evening and asked the staff to ‘play me something cool I may not know’ ! So the owner grabs a CD and says ‘have you heard this ?’ He cranks this particular album at full tilt and damned if it didn’t measure on the richter scale. That’s not a great thing round these streets folks, but in terms of rock-voltage, the songs hit me with such force that I was immediately impressed. It’s something which doesn’t happen much these days – at least not to this weary old rock dog. Fired up I ask for the band’s name. The Neurotic Spiders. Remember it. In a city of shit, non-sensical band names, a cool name like that gives you full marks my friends. Motorhead meet the Stooges ? You’d better fucking believe it. They are inspired by Rose Tattoo and Angel City as well and it shows. In a sea of Tokyo punk bands who think cloning the Ramones is the only way to go, these guys are steering their ship on a course all their own.  The Neurotic Spiders formed in late 2005 and since that time have garnered a reputation as one of the meanest and loudest bands on the Tokyo live circuit. A bit over a year back, they released their aforementioned debut album – a self-titled effort on the Nicotine Record Label. It’s produced by well-known Tokyo guitar virtuoso Mr Ratboy (why isn’t he as popular as Marty Friedman in Japan – he’s got the looks and chops) who also guests on a couple of songs. This three-piece (Kiddo/Toma/Suzuki) unleash a similar fury in the vein of much-loved Antipodean trios like Red Shift, The Onyas or Cosmic Psychos. High praise but deservedly so. A-grade marsupial punk coming out of Tokyo ? Why the hell not ! The Neurotic Spiders are currently working on a split 7″ with Melbourne outfit Muscle Car. Major kudos to the staff of Shinjuku’s Barn Homes for still appreciating loud and honest, no bullshit rock n roll. Official MySpace page is here and if you happen to be in Tokyo in May, the Neurotic Spiders are playing Club Mission’s in Koenji on the 15th. Yeah hup !