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As I’ve penned elsewhere, I am a regular listener to ‘From The underworld’, an engaging and informative weekly radio show which broadcasts out of Phoenix FM in Essex every Saturday night. The host of the show, Brian Ager, has his ear to the ground when it comes to all the latest (and best) bands worth hearing, and you can do a hell of lot worse than to tune in and check out his show. You can also download or stream it at a later time, meaning you don’t have to get up at 3 am and sit by the wireless like we would have in days gone by. On a recent show, he aired a single by Bad Touch called “Baby Get It On”, a rippin’ rock tune that features the vocals of Steve Marriot’s daughter, Mollie Marriot. Whilst this is a great take that is pretty true to the original – hearing it did send me back to the original, in my opinion, one of, if not the best tune penned by Ike and Tina Turner. Ike Turner is in many ways the father of rock n roll, and a total bad ass who oozes attitude. Check out the video below. People forget what a great voice he had. The Ikettes, (whatever version he had), radiated sex appeal –and they could sing and dance their asses off. Beyonce has made a career off of Tina Turner – in both style, song and dance – and unlike today’s clinical world of entertainment –back then it was all live, no recorded backing track, EVERYTHING live. From 1960-75 Ike and Tina Turner cut a swathe through established rock n roll and broke the mould like few others have done before or since. So here they are, both versions, Bad Touch up against Ike and Tina. Check em both out, and kudos to Bad Touch for bringing a great rock tune into contemporary times.




With an absolute plethora of internet radio stations out there, one could say that the choice of stations open to the listener are infinite. Plenty of options yes, but more often than not the options presented are not offering anything new in terms of playlists. How does one differentiate the cream from the crap? Listen to TuneIn Radio or any number of similar sites – throw a dart and you will more often than not land on a “station” that is airing classic rock / AOR that is akin to AM radio. That’s fine every now and then, but sometimes I want to hear new bands, and guitar rock I haven’t heard before – or, deep cuts from classic artists. How about something from Ronnie Lane I haven’t heard in a long while,  a new Chuck Berry cut I haven’t heard, or something off the new Alice Cooper album? How about some new Americana/ classic rock / Alt county from Whiskey Myers or Tom Petty or Steve Earle? Borstal Boys from The Faces maybe? If the answer to this is yes, like me, you need to be tuning in to “From The Underworld”, (named after The Herd tune) one of the best radio shows out there, which is aired every Saturday night on Phoenix FM from out of Brentwood, Essex in the UK.  (By the way, the aforementioned tunes were just a few of the songs aired on the last couple of episodes). From The Underworld is kind of like the radio equivalent of Classic Rock Magazine for your ears – except better. I used to use that magazine as a source to discover new bands, now I rely on DJ Brian Ager to hip me to the latest sounds. Living in Australia, how else would I have discovered the great new album by Magpie Salute (ex-Black Crowes) or Fireroad, one of the UK’s best bands? Brian has his finger on the pulse and knows what’s cool – and so should you. You don’t have to listen live, as each show is available for free streaming/download, which means you can listen anytime. I get to work on a Monday morning, and diligently listen to Brian’s current show –and so should you. It’s the best out there. And while you are there, check out some of the other cool shows on Phoenix FM – there’s plenty to dive into. Recommended. Check out the current From The Underworld show here.