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It’s funny how time has a way of shifting the collective consciousness of the public. In 2018 – metal bands such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Metallica are very well known, even commonly known, bands and indeed – brands. For those of us who were into these bands in the early to mid 80s – they, and the metal genre, was very much underground. The irony that Lemmy is so iconic and influential to so many nowadays is not lost on me. Not sure how many of these people were around when Motorhead toured Australia in the early 80s and played the clubs – places like Shellharbour Workers and Nunawading Skate Park. Anyway. Whilst all the media are paying homage to Fast Eddie’s legacy and his work with Motorhead, few have mentioned his work post Motorhead, with Fastway. I LOVED Fastway. In 1983 Mr Rockbrat gave me a copy of Fastway’s first LP, and what a ripper it was. I don’t need Dave Grohl or Slash telling me how great Eddie Clarke was.

Fastway kicked serious arse, and had great songs, with the identifiable guitar sound of Clarke and Humble Pie’s Jerry Shirley on drums. No one sounded like Dave King on vocals. After the debut album, the next album, ‘All Fired Up’ was also killer. In 1986, Fastway made the soundtrack for the heavy metal horror film, Trick or Treat. The film flopped, but the soundtrack re-established Fastway as a hard-hitting metal band. The soundtrack was a moderate success, and stayed on the Billboard Top 200 chart for eleven months. Subsequent albums followed, yet none were as good as those first 3 or four years to 86/87. Fast Eddie Clarke died on 10 January 2018. Godspeed.



ImageFrom memory, I purchased this around 85 and it rules. Double LP, gate-fold sleeve, pressed locally via Concept Records. Around this time period, heavy metal was all I knew. Money earnt from my menial factory job was spent on metal records….and I’ve never regretted it. Actually this compilation really is a sneak peek at the barren musical landscape that was Australia in the mid-80’s. Hard rock and heavy metal was indeed – underground. Mr Rockbrat laughs when, nowadays, you run into people – straights, who tell you they went and saw Slayer on the weekend, or they have the new Sabbath CD ! Alas, metal maniacs, it was not always like this. Anyway, I found this gem whilst rummaging through my wax recently and as I cast my eyes over it, it got me thinking how much I learnt from it. Who needed school text books when the ‘istory of ‘eavy metal had to be learned, right ?!  The collection is pretty much a snap-shot of 83-84 heavy metal releases. WASP, AC/DC, Quiet Riot, Scorps, Sabbath, Twisted Sister, Ozzy, Motorhead, Dio, Motley, Priest, Kiss – big guns of the genre at that time, who all have tracks on here. But it was the inclusion of bands like Warlock, Y & T, Titan and Coney Hatch which had me in a spin. Often, the first place you would hear new bands was on compilations, and such was the case with Metal Madness. The Rock Goddess tune ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ – tuned me on to this kick-ass chick three-piece and I still listen to them today. Girlschool got a start – as did Lita Ford ! A rickapoodie and a fandooglie !  The Sabbath tune ‘Trashed’ was with Gillan up front – it confirms what I said before that the comp in fact pieced together some of the most recent releases from this time period (never could stomach Ian Gillan’s shrilling vocals). Points to the compiler – Grand Wizard Glenn A Baker – for doing that. The inclusion of local acts Titan, Boss and Melbourne’s Bengal Tigers showed Baker – or an assistant, had their ear to the ground, but the inclusion of Spinal Tap was not funny – or was it ? Is this a joke ? Is this a joke ? How the hell did Canned Heat get a look in ? Including the Kiss plodder ‘Get All You Can Take’ from their then-released Animalize opus, was a masterstroke in absurdity. ‘Heaven’s On Fire’ or ‘Thrills In The Night’ woulda been my Kiss cuts from that rekkid – but it mattered not. Adelaide’s Titan, as you may or may not know, released ‘Head Scare’ on Raven Records. I think some of those members ended up in Almost Human, did they not ? This release was followed-up by the equally rockin’ ‘Headbanger’s Heaven’ double LP a short while later. Again, the record introduced me to some great HM bands, many of which still get spun on the rockbrat turntable. As the wacky Baker states in the liner notes ‘ if you can’t get off on this brain-bending compilation, you’re beyond all hope’. Comments from the Super Coach.

Tokyo's Neurotic Spiders - Down On The Street and Down To Kill !

Mr Rockbrat was in his favourite Tokyo Record store recently one quiet Sunday evening and asked the staff to ‘play me something cool I may not know’ ! So the owner grabs a CD and says ‘have you heard this ?’ He cranks this particular album at full tilt and damned if it didn’t measure on the richter scale. That’s not a great thing round these streets folks, but in terms of rock-voltage, the songs hit me with such force that I was immediately impressed. It’s something which doesn’t happen much these days – at least not to this weary old rock dog. Fired up I ask for the band’s name. The Neurotic Spiders. Remember it. In a city of shit, non-sensical band names, a cool name like that gives you full marks my friends. Motorhead meet the Stooges ? You’d better fucking believe it. They are inspired by Rose Tattoo and Angel City as well and it shows. In a sea of Tokyo punk bands who think cloning the Ramones is the only way to go, these guys are steering their ship on a course all their own.  The Neurotic Spiders formed in late 2005 and since that time have garnered a reputation as one of the meanest and loudest bands on the Tokyo live circuit. A bit over a year back, they released their aforementioned debut album – a self-titled effort on the Nicotine Record Label. It’s produced by well-known Tokyo guitar virtuoso Mr Ratboy (why isn’t he as popular as Marty Friedman in Japan – he’s got the looks and chops) who also guests on a couple of songs. This three-piece (Kiddo/Toma/Suzuki) unleash a similar fury in the vein of much-loved Antipodean trios like Red Shift, The Onyas or Cosmic Psychos. High praise but deservedly so. A-grade marsupial punk coming out of Tokyo ? Why the hell not ! The Neurotic Spiders are currently working on a split 7″ with Melbourne outfit Muscle Car. Major kudos to the staff of Shinjuku’s Barn Homes for still appreciating loud and honest, no bullshit rock n roll. Official MySpace page is here and if you happen to be in Tokyo in May, the Neurotic Spiders are playing Club Mission’s in Koenji on the 15th. Yeah hup !

I can recall being in a favourite pub in South London many years back – regularly knocking back the Guinness and keeping the jukebox well fed with pound coins. The selections woulda been Thin Lizzy, Stones and Motorhead. What I do rememeber was just how LOUD the Motorhead track was when its time for airing was due. My god it was cut loud. Subsequently the local publican would turn the thing down much to the annoyance of the Rockbrat. I doubt if there is another 30 year old rock song which can still blow most current songs away ? (yeah alright – maybe something from that 1978 Rose Tattoo album). Fast Eddy, Lemmy and ‘Philthy’ Taylor – you definitely were on form at Rickmansworth’s Jackson’s Studios during that UK summer of 1980.  Clocking in at a Ramones-like 2:49 and issued on the Bronze label on Monday 27th October 1980 – this is pure, loud, raw rock n roll at it’s finest. Released thirty years ago today and still blowing my speakers.

Winter of 1991 saw the mighty Motorhead touring Australia – their first visit since 1984 by the Rockbrat’s reckoning. If you view their 1984 Australasian Tour Dates you will find it amazing that they played relatively small venues like the Manly Hotel and Caringbah Inn in Sydney, and the Yoogali Club in Griffith ! (was that a soccer club?). Just as I am trying to get my head around these bookings, I am reminded that on the 1991 Australian visit, they played the Queanbeyan Leagues Club in Queanbeyan ! This was obviously the Canberra date, but that place was a nightclub ! I’d much rather take in the full force of Motorhead in a night club than at the Hordern ! If the Rockbrat brain is correct again – they were supported by Canberra Metal legends Armoured Angel on that date. Ahhh the good old days !  Here is a Sydney press clipping from the that 1991 visit in case you missed out.

Phil and Lemmy showing the kids how it’s done !

Who: Motorhead
When: Liquid Room, Shinjuku, Tokyo 10 October 2000

Does Rock n Roll in the live environment get any purer than Motorhead ? They have long been a Rockbrat favourite and any clueless kid looking to discover cool rock n roll could do worse than to start with Lemmy and the boys.  Nearly ten years ago I saw them on their Japan tour at the Liquid Room, located in the hearts of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district. Cool venue, but the words ‘fire’ and ‘trap’ have appeared in my mind when I’ve been there. Rules and regulations go hand in hand in Japan, so I can only presume that the fire safety checks are up to date, but after the Great White tragedy of a few years back, I often wonder. Anyway – it was a steamy October evening when I made my way into a very packed venue. Motorhead were touring in support of the “We Are Motoread’ album and kicked off the set with the album title-track. A crunching take of ‘Bomber’ is next, followed by ‘No Class’. The Rockbrat was loving it ! A cover of the Pistols’ God Save The Queen is well received, as is the cutting Sacrifice. I can do without drum solos

(especially in a club), but Mikkey Dee’s was at least loud ! Iron Fist, Killed By Death, Ace Of Spades end the evening and my ears and brain are ringing as I negotiate the Tokyo Train network. With the passing of Ronnie James Dio this year


the fact that one day, too – bands like Motorhead will no longer exist is a distinct reality. The world will be a lesser place for it – but it makes nights like the 10 October 2000 one to look back on and remember.