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Mr Rockbrat chooses his Top 10 Oasis tunes !

My recent post about Slade – where I referenced Noel Gallagher from Oasis – reminded me of another article I’ve been meaning to write for some time. And it is something very close to my rock n roll heart: the mighty Oasis and more specifically – what are my Top 10 Oasis songs ?!

The timing seems right, what with the 20th year anniversary of the Definitely Maybe record upon us.  With a rich back-catalogue of tunage, it would be impossible to name just one favourite Oasis song – an outfit whom are without a doubt – the last great rock n roll band of our time. Nevertheless, I have managed to select ten tunes – so let’s have it.


This floored me when I first heard it and still does. The way Liam punches into the tune after Noel’s glorious pick slide is mind-blowing. Cryptic – cool lyrics wrapped into a chunky bass-laden chorus, would ensure this song’s popularity over many years – from small clubs to stadiums. Love it !


Often voted the #1 fan favourite, and rightly so. Big, loud guitars – a sweeping chorus – the Gallagher brothers sharing vocal duties – I mean, does it get any better ?! The answer is no, it does not. To be played at maximum volume only.

Slide Away

This one moves me like no other – whether amped up – or performed acoustically by Noel, this track (in my opinion) defines the Oasis-sound far more than Wonderwall ever will. Lyrically, it is Noel at his very best with lines such as ‘Now that you’re mine, We’ll find a way of chasing the sun, Let me be the one who shines with you.’ [Sigh] – Truly stunning.

Don’t Look Back In Anger

Littered with Lennon-isms throughout, this amazing song affects people in different ways. Only the power of a well-written song can do that, like this one. Billboard Magazine said of the tune, “Noel Gallagher reveals a deft sense of timing and craft that turn his improprieties into masterful pop gems.” I cannot add to that.

Some Might Say

This was an easy one to nail – and has the trademark Oasis-sound – big guitars, sing-along chorus and hooks a-plenty. Twenty years on it still sounds phenomenal.

Gas Panic

Lifted from the very underrated Standing on The Shoulder of Giants –Gas Panic is one of my choice Oasis cuts – and I mean, what’s not to love ? The mystical lyrics are great – but it’s the way the song kicks into gear about 90 seconds in – that’s the stuff I really dig. Liam introduces this on the live Familiar To Millions album with ‘it’s a Good fookin’ tune this, cmon’! – My sentiments exactly.

The Masterplan

Sheer brilliance and the tune which thrust Noel Gallagher above the pack of 90’s songwriters.  If this was put on canvas – people would be lining up for hours to see it.

Bring It On Down

Noel has written several loud and dirty punk songs – such as Fade Away and Headshrinker. Both could’ve made my top ten – but it was in fact the similar-veined Bring It On Down which got the nod. What elevates this one is the smashing, raucous guitars mixed with Liam’s snarling vocals. And with a pounding drum intro like no other – this could be one of Tony McCarroll’s finest moments. Great in the live environment too, it contains grimy, street-level lyrics like  ‘you’re the outcast – you’re the underclass, but you don’t care – because you’re living fast’. This is about as pure as rock n roll gets, penned by  young, hungry working-class kids with attitudes and songs to match.

(It’s Good) To Be Free

This is such a great song, but it was hearing it on a BBC session from late 1994 which in fact knocked me senseless. Noel’s searing guitar work, Liam’s snotty vocal delivery – make an effort to track this down – and you’ll see what I mean. Intensely wonderful.

The Importance of being idle

Kinks comparisons aside – this song went to Number One in the UK and justifiably so.  It is catchy as all hell, and (another) of Noel’s finest moments !

So there you have it folks. All done. In compiling a list of only ten, I have obviously left behind countless others….superb songs like Force Of Nature, Magic Pie, Waiting For The Rapture, Hey Now, Step Out, Talk Tonight, I Hope I Think I Know, Lyla, Rock n Roll Star, Little By Little, Shock Of the Lightning, Live Forever, Half The World Away, Stay Young and My Big Mouth – my gosh the list is endless. In case you ain’t figured it out – Oasis have been my favourite rock n roll band of these past two decades – they make me smile – they make me sing, they make me dance – they remind me of why I got into rock n roll in the first place.

The dreams we had as children may fade away – but good times and great rock n roll will live forever.


Beady Eye 2011 Japan Tour Flier

Who: Beady Eye
Where: Zepp Tokyo, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
When: Mon 12 September 2011

The Gallagher’s have been a part of the Rockbrat world for so long, they’re like family. The last time I’d seen Liam and Co live was in the snowy setting of Sapporo in early 2009. But here I am a couple of years later and much water has passed under the Oasis bridge, which collapsed in a heap in Paris two years back now. I was once an Oasis follower, now am on the trail of Beady Eye. Personally I would’ve liked the Oasis 2.0 moniker but so be it. I guess having the band’s album adjacent the Merseyside mop tops in album stores sits well with Our Kids as well. A baking hot late summer’s day has Tokyo sweltering, and there is a mass of fans milling around the venue long before show time. These Japanese shows were re-scheduled from May due to radiation concerns and all sold out quickly. Zepp Tokyo is located in Tokyo Bay directly under the giant, illuminating Ferris Wheel and it is a massive live venue. The Oasis hangover can be seen in the old tour tees and Man City shirts which some fans wear proudly. The Man City/fan adulation thing is something best left to ponder another time, but I reckon that football club must’ve shifted tons of team shirts to Oasis fans worldwide over the years. The aging Mr Rockbrat smiled at seeing so many teenagers and youngsters draped in Beady Eye scarfs and shirts. Most must’ve rode the Oasis train late n the day, but it is good to see Beady Eye attracting the youngsters. I did not see one British back packer or zonked english teacher either – a bonus ! Local opening act A Flood Of Circle continue the tradition of non-sensical band names and quickly have the big audience on side. Respect for the artist is important in japanese culture, but I often wonder just when some of these bands are eventually told that they suck. This lot were not half bad, but if it wasn’t for the gorgeous chick on bass I would’ve lost interest.

At dead on 8pm Beady Eye take the stage (‘draped’ with an image of the national flag) with an amazing take of Across The Universe (view live video). Four Letter Word follows and sets the mood for a an evening charged with potent rock n roll. All tunes from the ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’ album are aired with the set list changing little since the boys hit the road in March. For mine, Three Ring Circus, Sons Of The Stage and The Roller were my choice cuts. Great on the album and great to hear live. As I watched them though, Gem in Noel’s position, Andy back on guitar, I couldn’t help but wonder what these supposed Oasis demo’s would sound like with The Chief singing and playing some of them. Like a lot of loyal Oasis fans, I am still saddened that they no longer exist. Liam told fans at the debut show in Scotland to ‘get off the fence’. Sure. But I ain’t a fence sitter….and I see his point. But it would be in Our Kid’s best interests to hear what long time disciples are saying and churn out well-loved tunes like Songbird once in a while. Your past is what made you and you should acknowledge that occasionally. A couple of Oasis tunes

Tokyo’s rock fraternity gather before Beady Eye

live would send already frenzied fans into a spin. Just my two yens worths. A great set from a genuine rock n roll band. Until next time….

Not sure I can answer Cowboy Col’s question to his ‘Who Will Save Australian Rock n Roll‘ ? post, but with the debut release yesterday from new outfit Beady Eye – I know who can save the sorry situation in the UK. Beady Eye are essentially Oasis minus Noel – and their first single ‘Bring The Light’ was made available as a free download on 10 November. How cool is that ? (three cheers for ‘our Kid’). The single artwork could be straight outta the 60′s Kinks back-catalogue which suits me just fine. The track as a whole gets the thumbs up from Mr Rockbrat. It’s really catchy – heavy on the rock n roll piano with some amazing female back-up vox on the ‘baby cmon’ chorus (along with some signature Gem Archer licks) on a tune which will definitely grow on you. Always great to hear new material from Liam and it’s a pretty impressive first effort boys – considering Noel wasn’t around to bounce ideas off and I for one am eager to hear an album’s worth of material. Bring it on down…

Oasis in Sapporo, Japan - 22 March 2009

Oasis are a giant beast – bigger than maybe the Gallagher brothers themselves, or so I thought. I was sure that they would carry on in some form much like the Stones. But when big brother Noel walked out on the band for what seems like the final time one year ago – he effectively put the sword to the Oasis dragon right there and then. Yes I know his big shoes were filled by Matt Deighton when he split in 2000, but that was only for a few shows – and he came back for the two  big Wembley summer gigs after all. But Oasis without Noel is like the Stones without Richards, the Beatles without Lennon…you know where I am going. So as of August 2010, we have Liam and the rest of his Oasis band mates (Gem Archer, Andy Bell, Chris Sharrock and Jay Darlington) bunkered down and about to release new product as Beady Eye, and Noel no doubt working on solo material and doing the odd charity gig. When I watched the recently released  Oasis DVD ‘Time Flies 1994-2009’ I was left feeling both charged and sombre at the same time. Fifteen years of truly remarkable songs – where they had effectively written a new chapter in rock n roll’s history. It is a tragedy that they no longer exist. I was not there during the final, heated exchange between Noel and Liam Gallagher – and it is not my place to speculate on their relationship. But let me say this. Oasis are in fact bigger than Beady Eye and bigger than anything Noel will ever produce – they are also bigger and more important than any argument or disagreement Noel might have with Liam or vice versa. Oasis mean a hellava lot to millions of people, people like me – they have become a part of my life, just like eating breakfast or dinner – a daily digestion of Manchester’s finest made for a healthy, happy existence. My god is Noel Gallagher and I pray and plea to God, that Oasis will one day re-unite, record new material and continue to be what they are in the eyes and ears of millions:  the greatest rock n roll band in the world.

Ticket for Noel and Gem

Who: Noel Gallagher & Gem
When: Enmore Theatre, Sydney –  14 December 2006

Famed Beatles Producer Sir George Martin once remarked ‘I consider Noel to be one of the finest songwriters of his generation’. Heavy praise and a statement with which the Rockbrat wholeheartedly agrees. Martin was of course talking about Noel Gallagher. As I write this, Oasis are no longer blasting it out – a bitter fight between Noel and his younger brother Liam last year, putting an end to their band once and for all. Some three years earlier however, Oasis released a Greatest Hits album called ‘Stop The Clocks, and Noel (along with his band mate Gem Archer) toured the world in acoustic guide to promote it. I could rave about Noel Gallagher all day – he is a genius – god-like even. In the mid-90’s when his UK peers were penning half-decent songs, Noelly G was writing anthems ! Anthems my friends ! Songs which will last until the end of time, sung in unison by vast stadiums of people of all nationalities. A modern-day legend. The boys had only graced Australian shores some 12 months earlier so to have Noel back on our soil was truly great…..and he had the cool and ever-reliable Gem alongside him. This show, understandably, sold out in minutes – but the determined Rockbrat did not miss out…and it was an evening to look back on and treasure.  Kicking off with ‘(It’s Good) To Be Free’ then ‘Talk Tonight’ Gallagher was on form – though he rarely isn’t. Other highlights for me were ‘The Importance Of Being Idle’, the glorious ‘Slide Away’ and ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’. The Rockbrat smiled all the way home, with Gallagher tunage still swirling around his head. Ten out of ten Mr Gold Air.

Just back from Japan with a bunch of Oasis collectables packed in the suit case. I thought I would make an update on the previous Oasis-Japan post as it never ceases to amaze me just how much the boys are adored over there. Whilst driving, I heard ‘Lyla’, ‘Let There Be Love’ and ‘Falling Down’ on different stations. I’d be hard pressed to hear bloody Wonderwall on my local Golden Oldies station, yet in Japan they spin ‘Lyla’ ! Too cool ! I also added to my Oasis Japanese Magazine collection and thought I would share. The magazines which feature Oasis gracing the cover are a collectable item all to themself and deserve further investigation. You know what’s cool about this topic ? Oasis may not even be touring or have a new album out, yet they still manage to make the magazine covers ! In my opinion, that speaks volumes for the band’s popularity in Japan. Check out the attached images from magazines dating back to 1994 – all of which feature Noely G, Liam, or the band. Rockin On, Cross Beat, In Rock and Music Life have all featured Oasis heavily. Of particular interset is Cross Beat from 2005 which in itself is a magazine (nearly 200 pages) which is ALL Oasis ! Rockin On from November 2008 even has a large color photo spread of the infamous (and cowardly) Canadian stage attack on Noel. Japan (like the UK) print awesome magazines on Oasis…the ones mentioned here are some to look out for when you visit Japan you when you’re next on eBay !