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Jackie in 1976 (

1)Jackie, what’s been keeping you busy of late ? I’m going back into private practice as an entertainment attorney and on October 2nd will once again be personally representing actors, directors, writers, authors and bands.  So I’ve been busy wrapping up deals at my current job and packing.  Also I just bought a new house and I’ve been trying to get unpacked and get everything fixed and decorated before starting my new job. 2)Why has interest in the Runaways remained so high ? Good question and I’m not entirely sure of the answer. Probably because we were the first all-girl rock band, and because Joan and Lita became so successful as solo acts but have been inactive for awhile.  I don’t know maybe it has something to do with the internet, too. For the first time in almost 25 years, Runaways fans can really connect. 3)Favourite Runaways song/s and why ? Well, Cherry Bomb for all the obvious reasons is my favorite.  It’s just a great song.  Lot’s of bad girl attitude, great, simple chords, etc.  The Runaways were best when we kept it simple — Is It Day or Night, Secrets, American Nights, California Paradise, I Wanna Be Where the Boys Are.  I also love Dead End Justice — it’s so wonderfully cheesy!  Reminds me of those ’70’s women in prison movies with Linda Blair or Wendy O. Williams. 4)Fondest memory of the Japan tour ? (where The Runaways popularity was rivalled only by Kiss and Cheap Trick!) Meeting the fans.  I’ve never met nicer people than I met in Japan. 5)Can you name a couple highlights from your time in the band ?
Headlining over Cheap Trick and Tom Petty, being the cover story in Crawdaddy Magazine, just having albums out and playing in front of real people. 6)What are your thoughts on the forthcoming Runaways film/documentary ‘Edgeplay’ (written and directed by Vicki Blue)?
I was hesitant at first for there to be a documentary by a member of the band, but I’ve seen some of the footage and it looks great.  Vicki has chosen to focus on the more painful elements of the band, so it should be really interesting both for fans, and for people who may not have liked the band at the time, but will find the difficulties we went through interesting.  There is so much to say about the Runaways that Vicki is having to edit her movie down as it is, and she hasn’t even talked to everyone who has something to say.  But it’s a great movie, and it leaves the door open for someone else to present a different point of view. 7) Favourite Australian band/s We don’t really get to hear the cool ones here!  But I always had a soft spot for The Angels (who are known as Angel City in the states) because they were a good band and because I used to go out with Jim Hilbum and he’s a great guy.  If I had to pick a favorite though, I’d have to go with the Divinyls, who are one of my favorite all-time bands.  Christina Amphlett was doing the bad girl thing before the Runaways and their songs are great. 8)Name your 5 ‘desert island discs’ and why ? I never know if “greatest hits” packages count for these, cause they sure make picking easier!  Without selecting any greatest hits albums, though, off the top of my head I’d have to say The Stones ‘Let It Bleed’, Garbage’s first album, The Cult’s ‘Sonic Temple’ , The The’s ‘Dusk’, and David Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust’

(Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 5: Sept/Oct 2000) *This interview was also translated and appeared in Doll Magazine in Japan in 2000 (see below)




Cherie Currie: The Queen of Noise hits Sydney (photo: D.Gray)

The California summer may never end, but tonight in downtown Sydney – it was a cold and chilly wind that greeted me when I arrived at Sydney University’s Manning Bar for a dose of Cherie Currie flavoured rock n roll.

I never in my wildest dreams, thought Cherie would jet downunder, yet here we are – half way through a run of gigs in both New Zealand and Australia. I for one, am appreciative. If you search this blog, you will correctly conclude I have been a Runaways disciple (and vocal supporter) for decades. In fact, 1977’s Waitin’ For The Night is forever etched in my top ten favourite records of all time. So again, having Cherie Currie announce a tour of Australia some months back was welcome news.

With no fanfare (or intro tape for that matter) – Currie and band crash the stage with a blistering take of ‘American Nights’. Kim Fowley wrote some mighty infectious songs throughout his life – and this is up there with the best of em, still sounding as potent as ever some forty years after he and former Hollywood Star Marc Anthony co-penned it.

The Velvet Underground classic ‘Rock n Roll’ figures in Runaway-history way back to when they were a trio – (Joan, Sandy and Micki Steele) and is aired next. Although considered sacrilegious by some to say anything negative about the Velvet Underground
– I will nevertheless take the risk and reiterate the long held belief of many – The Runaways’ recording of Rock n Roll from 1976 stomps all over the original – closely followed in my opinion by Mitch Ryder and Detroit’s interpretation from 1972. Ms Currie belts this out like it’s 1977 and the Sydney set are diggin’ it.

‘Rock n Roll Rosie’ – penned for the upcoming Suzi Quatro film is cool and catchy – and littered with lyrics expressing Currie’s admiration for one of Detroit’s finest. If you get ahold of Currie’s just-released ‘Midnight Music in London’ album – check out this one out closely as Quatro herself joins Cherie on stage for a guest stint. Two thumbs up from Mr Rockbrat.

The frenetic ‘Dear Mum’ is shadowed by a thumping ‘Is It Day Or Night’. I’ve always dug Fowley’s cryptic lyrics on this – ‘Porcupine kiss, novacaine lips’ – how the hell he came up with lines like that is beyond my comprehension. Most punters tonight seem familiar with the tune so I’m guessing the Runaways debut LP would be in their iTunes (modern talk for K-tel Record Selector)…

Y’know one of the best things to come out of the Runaways film – apart from turning kids onto the band – was that the youngsters got hipped to artists like Bowie and the great Nick Gilder. Tonight Cherie and band crank out a heavied-up take of Gilder’s ‘Roxy Roller’ and it’s a
night highlight. Man Nick Gilder had some tunes didn’t he !? Cherie’s rendition of ‘Roxy Roller’ smokes and her recorded version you can hear on her upcoming album due out in September.  Yes, finally – Blackheart Records will release the new Cherie Currie album (applause). About time.

I return from the bar just as Cherie cranks a bunch of my favourite Runaways tunes: “Heartbeat”, “Queens of Noise”, ‘California Paradise’ and a stunning “Midnight Music”. Currie’s voice is stonger than ever by the way – the proof is there for all to hear – especially in songs like the raging California Paradise. Currie knows how to work an audience so well, and I am beginning to think I shoulda got a ticket for another show as well. Darn it.

The impact David Bowie had on Cherie Currie is immense – life changing, and the couple of Bowie songs she performed in his honor tonight were heart felt and emotion charged. A visibly upset Cherie momentarily paused and spilled tears during a stunning rendition of Lady Grinning Soul. In many years of seeing live music, this is one moment I will treasure – nothing staged or pretentious, just warm and real. “Rebel Rebel” follows fast and man it’s good. Bowie would be smiling. So too Mick Ronson – whose contributions to much of
Bowie’s work must never be underestimated…(isn’t the integral piano part contained in Lady Grinning Soul played by Ronno?!)

Incidentally, if you view The Runaways movie – you’ll see Dakota Fanning performing Bowie’s Lady Grinning Soul at the school talent show and have food thrown at her… Cherie tonight re-corrects this with “actually I did 1984 and I won that fuckin’ show”. So there you go readers. For what it’s worth I reckon “1984” from Bowie’s Diamond Dogs album woulda been a better choice for Fanning to do…and it woulda kept the story straight.

“Believe” – lifted off the recent Reverie album is an album highlight and is aired tonight to welcoming ears. Maybe I’m all Kiss-ed out but I could do without the cover of Kiss’ Do You Love Me. Yep, thanks Sherlock, I am aware it’s another Fowley co-write, but as a life-long Kisser,  I could pass on this. Whoever does Cherie’s set-list, strike a line through the
Kiss cover and replace it with Russ Ballard’s Since You’ve Been Gone will ya !? Or how about the Roni Lee/Kim Fowley stomper ‘I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are’ ? ! Hell yeah !!!

The hour long set closes with a fiery “Cherry Bomb”. It’s become an anthem, and deservedly so.  It’s a memorable ending.

In closing let me state this: Cherie Currie is the real rock n roll deal. A trail blazer. If you know your facts – you’ll know her life has had many challenges, but Currie remains strong and is an inspiration to many. I have seen many great nights of live rock n roll, and tonight’s show by Cherie Currie is up there with the best of em.

Hear an interview conducted with Cherie on the eve of her Australian tour here




We want to hear new rock n roll from this lady ! (photo courtesy of Devious Planet)

Like many other long-time Runaways devotees, I was ecstatic to hear that former vocalist Cherie Currie was locked in a studio and recording a new album ! This was a couple of years back now. After years of spinning Cherie’s solo albums – such as the one she did with sister Marie ‘Messin With The Boys’, and her very underrated 1978 LP ‘Beauty’s Only Skin Deep’ – I could not wait to hear some new material. Matt Sorum from Guns n Roses was producing, Slash and Duff McKagen also played on it – Billy Corgan penned a track – I mean, the whispers I’d heard were that this thing was turning out to be one hellava rock n roll album ! and then…well, there it stalled. And there it remains.

Why ? Well, at that time – Cherie was being managed by Kenny Laguna, who (after a 2010 gig supporting Joan Jett) apparently offered Cherie an album deal on his label – Blackheart Records with a tour to follow. For the rock n roll illiterate, Laguna is well-known for having managed the career of Joan Jett. Sure, he produced some hits in the 60’s for artists such as Tommy James and the Shondells, Darlene Love and The Ohio Express, but let’s call a spade (or a black heart!) a spade: he is most well-known for his management of Joan Jett.

Commenting on her current situation in a recent  interview at, Currie said ‘for some reason Kenny hasn’t mastered it’ and ‘it’s still not being released and there’s not much I can do about that. Kenny wouldn’t let me play any shows after I performed with Joan either. For someone my age, a year is like five. Why wouldn’t he let me play? Even with the (Runaways) movie and my book, that would have been PR enough for me to be able to get out there and have fun and play Runaways songs, and say hi to the fans old and new, but he wouldn’t let me do it.’ Also – ‘I feel extremely betrayed by the whole thing. I don’t think Blackheart had any other hits out of that record company besides Joan, so it doesn’t seem to make sense to me’.  Makes no sense to Mr Rockbrat either. Currie continues ‘He just wants me to sign a record contract that I will not sign. It’s one of those 60/40 contracts that they own you for life. The record has been finished for three years. I’ve had to walk away and let it go and I thought the evil was out of this business. Joan’s record is coming out in October and it just blows my mind because she hadn’t even thought about making a record when I went in to make mine. I wish her the best, but it will be a cold day in f**king hell before I ever let anyone do this to me again.”


Joan Jett caught in the Rockbrat lens back in 1995

Cherie’s comments made me furious – enough to sit down and write this post and I am left shaking my head at this situation. Should I care ? What’s the big deal ? Why does it matter you ask ? It matters to me. Cherie is a star. Full stop. She deserves better. I am also from an era where rock n roll mattered – it was all that ever mattered. It’s always been about the music. If it’s all about the music for you Kenny Laguna – you should go ahead and release her record. Consequently, after a frustrating two and a half years of waiting, Currie did not re-new her management contract with Laguna, which apparently expired back in March.

This all sounds kinda petty dontcha think Rockbrat friends ? I recently contacted Blackheart and asked for a release date for Cherie’s album, but as yet – have not received a reply. This is just the latest – in a string of strange decisions over time – from this man and his small record label which have left me baffled. A friend from San Francisco who runs a popular rock podcast has previously attempted (and failed) to get Cherie on his show, and told me ‘at one point I had an interview with Cherie lined up but apparently Blackheart told her she couldn’t do it’. Not sure of the real reason behind that one – but why wouldn’t you grant permission for an artist on your label to do a radio show ? Same deal with Joan – this podcaster is one of the biggest Jett-head’s on the planet – yet never seems to be able to secure an interview with her. A Kenny interview ? Yep, sure. A Blackhearts (band) interview ? no problem. But not Joanie herself. What’s up with that ? Maybe some at Blackheart still think it is 1982 and they can be selective with their main act ? Who knows. Off topic somewhat, buy another odd one is the amount of compilations Joan has released over the years – peculiar to say the least. There was sweet f.a released after 1994’s ‘Pure and Simple’ – but all we got were endless compilations – that rant another time folks.

An issue I also have which gets under my skin is Laguna’s apparent say in Runaways affairs. Can someone please explain to me the full extent of his involvement with the band and indeed their legacy ? I for one would like to know. For example does he get a cut from merchandise? He was listed as the executive producer of The Runaways film from 2010 – but apart from that ? Any legal ownership? He may have some kind of legal right over the Runaways – but not the moral right – (in my opinion) – to call any shots. (Especially with no band involvement in their heyday). Just calling it as I see it.

Actually, the making of that Runaways movie did not sit well with many. Guitarist Lita Ford was quoted at that time in Rolling Stone saying ‘I just want people to know that I have nothing to do with that film’. Ford also added ‘I’ve always loved Joan. I don’t know what the problem is with him (Laguna) – he really goes out of his way to f**k me up. I despise him for it’. You gotta admire Lita’s honesty folks. Incidentally – for all the hype around that film (which I dug, by the way) – nothing could prevent it from from fizzing out after a promising first couple of weeks in the cinemas. Online stats tell my miniscule mathematical brain that a $10 million budget lined up with a gross taking of $3 to 4 million is not what I’d call a (ahem) runaway success. I suggest you also seek out Vickie Blue’s ‘Edgeplay’ documentary (on the Runaways) as well – which includes honest and revealing interviews with most of the band members. Strangely Joan Jett was absent from the film. May I say how disappointed I was at that time when I learnt that she was not filmed for the Edgeplay doco (her decision I believe). Is it also true that Joan/Kenny would apparently not grant the rights required to air the band’s music in the film ? How sad. Even the Beatles managed to patch things up in the mid-90’s for their Anthology thing !

What do you Runaways fans think about the deplorable decision to pretty much ignore the role of  Jackie Fox in that film ? I-n-e-x-c-u-s-a-b-l-e ! How dare her contribution not receive adequate recognition! Yeah I know that film was pretty much based on Currie’s book – but come on. With no Jackie Fox, there would be no Runaways and her apparent omittance from that major film was an outrage. You may’ve got one past the unknowing 14 year old’s who trekked into the cinemas, but her absence was noticed by many like me. Runaways songs such as the blistering ‘Neon Angels on the Road to Ruin’ and the beautiful “Heartbeat” were co-written by one J.Fox ! She was essential to the chemistry of the band and she will forever be known as the bass player in The Runaways (whether that film accurately acknowledged it or not).

The relationship between Joan and Fox has long been rumored to be frosty – but things got even chillier back in 2009, when Joan Jett/Blackheart Records filed a lawsuit against Fox – which was dismissed some time later. From what I have read, Jett felt that Fox was meddling with the making of The Runaways movie. She hoped that the lawsuit would stop any continued interference. Ultimately the judge cited in favor of Fox. Apparently the filmmakers, (including Joan) didn’t secure Fox’s life rights before they made the movie. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox had asked (via letters she’d sent to the filmmakers) if her name/likeness were to be included in the movie. Jett apparently thought that Fox was unfairly attempting to halt the movie’s release and sued her for ‘tortuous interference’ (incidentally, the filmmakers had successfully secured life rights of former drummer Sandy West, ex-manager Kim Fowley and indeed Cherie Currie). Was it unreasonable of Fox – to ask/request/question the role of her character/name/likeness – and how she would be portrayed  ?! Judge for yourself.

As is well documented – the ladies in the Runaways never made serious money in the 70’s – none which went into their pockets at least. So a re-union could be great – couldn’t it ? For band and fans alike ? Apparently not. Recently, Joan Jett stated in LA Weekly that there was no point in a Runaways re-union, saying ‘she doesn’t see the benefit on her end’. Also ‘I don’t really get why we should do it – the downside is bigger than the upside’. May I state the bleeding obvious here Joan/Kenny. The Runaways ain’t about just you two. The Runaways are not Joan Jett and friends. It is indeed a band of five – Cherie, Lita, Jackie, Sandy and Joan. End of argument. Personally, the time for a re-union has passed. It should’ve happened in the mid-90s when Sandy was still alive. Not now. Not unless it’s done fairly for all involved.

I met Mr Laguna briefly a couple of times in the mid-90’s at some Blackhearts gigs – he seemed amicable. I recognise his input and legacy into pop music. I also acknowledge that he has been very good for Joan’s career. He has the respect of many in the music industry – but with decisions like this one involving Cherie Currie’s unreleased album (and his dealings in Runaways affairs), I – along with many other long-time Runaways fans – are fast becoming disillusioned.

As you can gather – I am a passionate Runaways disciple. I have previously interviewed Jackie Fox for the Japanese rock media some years back and found her to be friendly, honourable and decent. I also love Cherie, Lita Ford and have been a Joan fan for too many years to remember – always putting my hand in my pocket to buy new material. How exciting to hear a new album from Cherie Currie I thought ! Something I never imagined in the 80’s and 90’s ! Yet how unfortunate that the straight-forward process of releasing an album gets so freaking messy – why oh why complicate something simple ? Just let me rock.

Does Blackheart feel threatened that a Cherie Currie album could take some spotlight away from Joan ? Not enough room in the Blackheart stable for two Runaways maybe ? It’s a point which Currie alluded to in the Examiner interview saying ‘Joan really hasn’t had anyone else achieve the level of success as she has after The Runaways, but now Lita is back and drawing huge crowds and the original lead singer of The Runaways Cherie Currie is touring’.
So my question to you Mr Laguna and Blackheart Records is simple: when will the unreleased Cherie Currie album be released ? I am yet to receive a reply to my e-mail, so you are more than welcome to leave the answer below this article.

My advice to Cherie Currie is to re-record the album and have it fan-funded. Ginger Wildheart uses this method with great success – even breaking into the UK charts recently and outselling muppets like Justin Timberlake. I for one will offer you the first pledge.

I think I will end this post by quoting the lyrics contained in the Currie tune ‘Beauty’s Only Skin Deep’ which are: ‘I’ve been left for dead – by those who didn’t care – they never considered me or took me anywhere – I’ve got the songs to sing’. Yes folks – Cherie Currie does have the songs to sing – and the voice and charisma to perform them. She is currently out on tour and is in sizzling form. I encourage you to go and see a true rock n roll trailblazer.


What: Runaways 1976 London Concert Poster
Winning Bid: 34 GBP
Starting Bid: 30 GBP
Sale Date: 18 Aug 2007

Very rare RUNAWAYS gig poster from the Roundhouse, Camden, London. 1 October 1976. Size 38″x 28″ ( 97cm x 71cm ). Fair / good condition, a few rips on edges, scuffs, creases and a bit stained, in need of a bit of restoration after 30 years in ( various ) lofts. I bought this at the gig myself, and as I remember it was the only merchandise available on the night. The band only did a few dates around the U.K. before heading off to Europe & Japan, the only dates they did with the original line up. This is a genuine vintage item, not a reproduction. Sent in a strong cardboard tube with bubble wrap.

I just love finding original concert merch from the worlds greatest ever all-girl outfit. This would look so cool framed and on display….and the gig entry was under two quid !  Where is my time machine !


street map of the area

street map of the area

‘All you boys way over there, and all you boys way down the back……I wanna be where the boys are !’. These very words were uttered by a tough-rock n roll teenager named Joan Jett – on the Runaways 1977 album ‘Live In Japan’. I have worshipped the Runaways for nearly three decades and I knew that record like a faithful old friend.
Joanie’s rallying cry was in fact the intro to the track ‘I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are’, and on this surprisingly warm Spring day in Tokyo, this boy just wants to be where The Runaways played !
As a resident of Japan, seeking out this particular concert venue was always on my list of things to do. Alas, I was too late. Yet another icons concert venue bites the dust. But some background first.
The album was recorded at two separate locations in Tokyo: the Koesi-Nenkin Hall here in Shinjuku (also known as Welcity), and at the nearby Shibuya Kōkaidō (Shibuya Public Hall). As a kid, I used to gaze over my gatefold, vinyl copy of ‘Live In Japan’ in true wonder.


the venue before demolition - image courtesy wikipedia

The screaming and excitement of those Tokyo teens was amazing, recorded on a tour which would turn out to be the high point of the band’s brief career. In my opinion, the album is a lasting document to the world’s greatest ever all-girl band, and captures that brief moment in time when Currie, Jett, Ford, Fox and West – held Japan under their rock n roll spell. Amazingly, this venue in Shinjuku stood for nearly fifty years, before closing on March 31, 2010. Besides the Runaways, many – in fact ‘most’ of the biggest names in the rock world walked onto that Shinjuku stage at some point: such as U2 back in 1983, Ian Gillan, Miles Davis, Judas Priest, Tangerine Dream, Bob Marley, Jethro Tull, Van Halen in 78, Ratt, Elton John, New Order, Nazereth and Queensryche to name but a few. I wonder if Cherie knew that

Bowie brought Ziggy to this same venue in 1973 – four year prior to her gracing that very same stage. Japan’s favourite HM sons – Loudness, recorded live product here as well. Japan has a rich rock n roll history. Venues such as the Budokan are known all around the world; but there are many others. The Sun Plaza in Nagano, Nagoya’s Rainbow Hall, and Sapporo’s Makomanai Ice Arena to name a couple.


2012 - only the rock n roll ghosts remain


So I recently made an effort to re-visit this rather unattractive buidling which held so many rock n roll memories, only to find it had been demolished. As I walked around the adjoining streets, I tried to imagine it was 1977 and the Runaways were in town…..the queues were long and teenage kids wore denim jeams, band buttons and tee-shirts. No such words as ‘iPads’ or ‘wi-fi’ were in the vocabularies of these kids. The only two words they cared about on those warm, June summer days back in 1977, were ‘rock n roll’ and the ‘Runaways’ –  a pinch of rock and a dose of roll: you bet !

As I climbed a bridge to take a photograph, a lady looked at me curiously and in my best japanese I said ‘The Queens of Noise’ played here !    and indeed, they did !



Tokyo's Kosei nenkin kaikan - another iconic concert venue bites the dust.

Not sure if you can still get ahold of this – Rockbrat associate Mr Giglizard purchased this VHS copy from Golden Apple Comics store in Los Angeles some ten-years back now and it’s long been a favorite of mine and the Cowboy’s. Cherie Currie really kicks major ass during this performance – held to coincide with the then re-release of the 1979 ‘Messin With Boys’ album. The band is composed of no-names like Craig Doucet and Kat Lowe – and assorted revolving musicians. The Knack’s Bruce Gary guests on the drums for a couple of tracks, as does the much-missed Sandy West, whose power hitting on the couple of Runaways tracks she performs with Cherie is astonishing. Back-up vocalist – Alaskin Julie Ragins for me is a highlight (apart from the Currie sisters) – who has a very strong set of vocals. A comic store is a bizarre place for a gig – what with onlookers on the street gazing in – but it only adds to this uniqueness of this show. Appearances from Rodney Bingenheimer and Marie Currie ensure a great afternoon is had by all. Try and hunt down the 2004 Live at the Viper Room album by Cherie Currie & The Mix as that is also a cracker. This 1998 live performance video is something I’ll never tire of watching – so  thankyou Mr Giglizard. It is people like you. As I write this Cherie is currently locked away in a L.A studio recording a new album – and that my friends is a good thing.  Visit Julie Ragins at

The rock n roll world is currently abuzz with the rumours that America’s finest all-girl band – The Runaways – may have some sort of re-union and play live in Japan in 2011. Details are sketchy, but long-time band supporter and Sunset Strip Mayor -Mr Rodney Bingenheimer – fuelled the fire recently, by mentioning this very rumour on his weekly KROQ radio show.  Here’s is how the Rockbrat sees it. Firstly, with the passing of drummer Sandy West back in 2006, a genuine band re-union can never occur. Sandy – if you watch the excellent Edgeplay documentary, was crying out for a re-union – and it would seem cruelly unjust to do it with someone else on the drum stool. Secondly, it should be a band only decision – just Joanie, Lita, Cherie and Jackie locked in a room to sort out the show details. Fly to Tokyo and play the Makuhari Messe or if you wish to be sentimental – the famous Budokan. You will not be able to play Tokyo’s Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan where the 1977 ‘Live In Japan’ album was recorded as it’s closed down – and the other venue where said recording took place – the Shibuya Kokaido (Shibuya Public Hall) – may not be big enough for such an event (or would it). May I also suggest the amazing former Phantom Blue hard-hitter Linda McDonald as a replacement for Sandy ? Also allow former bassplayer and now film maker Vicki Blue to film the thing for future DVD release. Kinda simple huh ? Well not quite – you see. Thirdly, is there enough interest for a re-union. Cherie toured Japan in 2000 and played tiny, tiny venues. The tour received very little publicity and even veteran Runaways disciple Mr Rockbrat (then a Japan resident) did not know of its occurrence. Japanese kids born post-1990 ain’t never heard of the band – and don’t tell me that many youngsters who saw the film there will attend cos I wouldn’t be so sure. Yes, the band had immense popularity there in the 70’s but that was then and this is now. The world is a different place. I did not see the Runaways live – so it would be good to finally see the band in concert….but there’s never been the re-union hype surrounding this band like say – the original KISS. The demand was there for Criss and Frehley to re-write a new KISS chapter. Who knows, maybe older Runaways fans and assorted Jettheads would fly to Japan to see this rare rock event take place. If it does go ahead, I sincerely hope that it is done well and that it is done for all the right reasons. Otherwise, let us just enjoy the great music as we gaze over the album artwork and savour the memories.