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ARS81Sydney author Jesse Fink has recently released one of the most important publications on AC/DC: the eagerly awaited ‘Bon: The Last Highway’. Fink has become something of an AC/DC detective and shines light on parts of the AC/DC story which have always been dimly lit. Music fans around the world have been waiting for this book – and it does not disappoint. On show number 81 of The Australian Rock Show we are joined by Jesse Fink to talk about the new book – a little about his background, and much much more. Essential listening ! Check out this episode !

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...hey Slash - you seen my copy of Face To face ?

Once upon a time – back in the late 70’s – a lanky teen from Indiana was feeding himself a steady diet of Aussie blooze and rock by way of the Angels and Rosie Tatts.   He ends up jumping a greyhound to LA and fronting a band powerful enough to take on the world (never did match the power of the aforementioned bands and someone like Motorhead in my opinion) and cut some great tunes. Things started to go pear-shaped in the early 90’s when you surround yourself with ‘yes men’ and your ego grows out of control. You successfully manage to alienate most of your band mates and your millions of devotees by acting like a prat. Your major label gets tired of you fast and release a covers album ‘Spaghetti Incident’ and a shoddy live album. You take two decades (count em) to release an album which sinks faster than the Hindenburg and you tour the world in support of it. You fail to see that the folks buying tickets are either over forty and just want to hear tunes from ‘Appetite’ or are youngsters who missed out first time round and want to say they’ve seen you live. You also continue to piss punters off by appearing on stage very late, and by having on-stage tantrums. So where to from here ? Well, kick your monogrammed basketball boots off, and lay on Dr Rockbrat’s sofa – as I’m gonna tell you what many of the world’s rock fans are pleading for – but only you cannot hear – Mr Rose.

It’s called a re-union my friend. Stradlin, Slash, Duff, you and Adler. Those names are Guns n Roses. Not you. The lightweight line-up you tour the world with currently is name only. Much like the Beach Boys (maybe you and the evil Mike Love should form a band – is he your Dad ?). Go meet in a studio and jam. No hangers-on – this means you Sorum, Seb Bach, assorted minders and ‘yes men’. Drink some fine beer – give Rose Tattoo’s first album a loud airing. Remember why it is you got into cool rock n roll in the first place. Go do a show unannounced – and I mean unannounced – like Kiss did at the Grammy’s in 1996. No talk, no nothing – just a set of blazing covers and cool rock n roll tunage. Leave all in the club awestruck. Fly to the Big Apple and do a group interview with Ed Trunk and announce the re-union tour. Why not release a tour EP ? Something you can cut live to tape as well. Not painstakingly pour over for years and years. Quick and easy. Go play the big festivals and show em how powerful you once were. No carry-on – no onstage rants – no arriving late on stage. Screw that. Just five guys blasting cool, loud rock n roll with a minimum of fuss. Kiss finally got the message and did the 77 tour. For you it’s 1987 or nothing – comprehende ? Way you go now…

What: Guns n Roses – Wembley Arena, London – 1991  Concert Ticket

The Rockbrat was in the UK and attended what was billed as the biggest show of the London summer. Regular Rockbrat Blog readers will have noted that the old concert tickets get displayed under the ‘Best Gigs The Rockbrat’s Seen ?’ category. Not so in this case. For a start, the band had the horrendous Nine Inch Nails kicking off the evening who were (thankfully) very forgettable. Next up were New Jersey’s Skid Row who were in pretty damn fine rockin’ form. Guns n Roses were now bona-fide superstars, releasing TWO albums at the one time ! Mathematically, that sorted the averages out, as it would be freaking years until another studio release – and then with only Axl and the portly keyboard player the only two from this show in the line-up. Gig wise they were – so so. Not one of my favourite concert experiences but not the worst either. I guess looking back I can say that my days of taking in overblown guitar solo’s amongst giant crowds was fast becoming tiring. It’s a nice ticket though don’t you reckon ?!

On the 17th of December, 1988, Rockbrat saw Guns ‘n’ Roses play at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. We got to experience the antics of Billy Bailey (aka Axl Rose) in all his glory. On this particular night, the ‘bad boys’ of the L.A rock scene had two quality Australian bands supporting them, Kings of the Sun, and The Angels. Guns ‘n’ Roses were supposedly influenced by the Angels. In the Rockbrats opinion, G ‘n’ R came close to being blown off the stage by the Angels on this night, though that’s another story. On the Street magazine was a free music paper that came out weekly. In an interview with Kings Of The Sun in the edition which came out a couple of days before the show, Kings drummer Clifford Hoad made the statement that ‘Guns n Roses were nothing more than a Rose Tattoo rip off band’. Most punters in the know endorsed Clifford Hoad’s comments. Rose Tattoo were pioneers and bands like G ‘n’ R came along on their coat tails and reaped the benefits. Anyway, it seems that Axl had read the article in On The Street and took offence at the remark – to the extent that he pulled the plug on Kings Of The Sun and pulled them off the stage after only 20 minutes into their set! What a disgrace. Who the hell does he think he is ? An AMERCIAN pulling an AUSTRALIAN band off an AUSTRALIAN stage ! Where the hell was the music union ? To make matters worse, during G’ n’ R’s set, he publically apologized for giving Kings Of The Sun the opportunity! What a douchebag. Like they needed it. They had just finished a big European tour supporting KISS and also Lita Ford in America. The ultimate prima donna. To make matters worse, during the G ‘n’ R set, someone threw an orange up on stage, and true to form, he led his troops off stage! What a pussy. I’m not sure how his bandmates put up with his behaviour. As the years went on, his antics got worse. He was notorious for bringing the band on late (“sorry folks, I’m not going on stage until someone cools my champagne”). Billy ended up as pseudo rock royalty, wearing little white bicycle tights on stage and a kilt (?), monogrammed high top sneakers, and smoked his cigarette using a cigarette holder. Stylish indeed William. I never saw Pete Wells or Ian Rilen behave this way, and you know why ? They WERE the real deal, not some wannabe bad boy who shrieked like a cat with an over inflated opinion of his own ability. Sure, I dug the ‘Appetite’ album, but by the second album this Ranga just annoyed the hell out of me. November Rain and all it’s excessive indulgence. Talk about contrived. I can see why Izzy Stradlin jumped ship. Brother of Rockbrat had his trusty Realistic hand held recorder with him to record the occasion, and now, we have dusted it off so you too can listen to Billy slagging off Kings of The Sun. Way to go William. Douchebag. Listen here