7379552.jpegUp on the stage, it’s as hot as Hades. Homemade Sin are working hard – and sweating buckets. ‘Can we turn on the Night Ranger?’ asks Dan Baird, referring to the big fan in the corner that if turned on will give the band the big hair look of Jack Blades & co. “I’ll end up with Bon Jovi hair”, chuckles Warner Hodges. The band are in a good mood and the crowd are into it. The temperature is cooled, but its gonna take more than an exhaust fan to cool rock ‘n’ roll this hot. Welcome to the world of Dan Baird rock ‘n’ roll.

Having lived in the Balmain area in the late 1980s, I’d seen some good gigs in a number of pubs in this area- but tonight’s show trumps ‘em all. From the Gladesville Tavern to the now derelict eye-sore that is Balmain Leagues and of course, the Bridge Hotel, which over a period of years now has become of bit of a torch bearer for real rock ‘n’ roll. Arriving at the venue in time to catch Sydney up and comers, Release The Hounds, there are a hard-core of fans in tow to eat up their brand of blue collared/no frills rock n roll.  Reference points are AC/DC & Rose Tattoo, and with a set of catchy, original hard rocking tunes, these guys are on the rise and one band to look out for.

1493042895231By the time Dan Baird & Homemade Sin hit the stage at 9.45 pm, the room has filled with a moderate but enthusiastic crowd keen to witness a couple of hours of unapologetic rock ‘n’ roll.  Let’s also call it real rock n roll for unreal times. I’m at the bar charging my glass when Dan launches into the first chords of ‘Licka Sense’. I make my way to the front of the stage and position myself bang smack in front of the great Warner E Hodges. I never get tired of watching this cat play guitar, he is just so good, a showman and entertainer to boot. Speaking of boots – I notice he is wearing his distinct green cowboy boots and spurs. Like I’ve said on previous occasions, Hodges is cooler than Fonzie.

Dan Baird & Homemade Sin have been working with a set list for a month and a half- yet tonight, no set list. Dan is selecting the songs as he goes. It’s gonna be a fun night! There is an enthusiastic crowd response and the band feed off it. These guys consistently deliver the goods show after show – and set a high benchmark for themselves to deliver the best show they can. Tonight is no exception. Go search for any of their performances on youtube – you won’t find any dud performances their friends. Top shelf. Always.

From a 110 minute set there’s many highpoints – with a mix of new songs and old given an airing. Aside from ‘Licka Sense’, there are a bunch of tunes performed from the new album, ‘Rollercoaster’, and all sound hot. There’s ‘Love Gone Wong’, a rollicking ‘Shake It Til Its Sore’, the big hitting swagger of ‘Knocked Out Cold’, and the Zeppelinesque/Bad Company cross that is ‘Can You Hear Me Now’. Hodges is let loose on this one and is a joy to behold – and hear. What a tune. Shredding with feel – like no one else on the planet.

1493040499496.jpegThere is an absolute ball busting take of the epic ‘Crooked Smile’, from 2008’s debut ‘Homemade Sin’ album. This song is an out-and-out monster and reminds me of Neil Young jamming with Crazy Horse in the early 70s.  The song belongs to Warner Hodges – and is quite possibly the best 10 minutes of rock n roll that you are ever likely to see. In this brief period he finesses, shreds, bends, motors, taps and still finds time to throw his Les Paul over his shoulder! If you want to know why Hodges is so good – go watch this on youtube.  The rapturous response from the crowd tells me what I already knew – they got to see something just that little bit special. Why don’t more people know this song ? Go listen. It’s beyond superlatives.

‘Two For Tuesday’ is another highlight – oozing Fogertyisms and complete with a few bars of ‘Proud Mary’ thrown in for legitimacy. This tune has hit single all over it and like many things Baird has penned, is a melodic sing along, catchy and memorable.

1493042899515.jpegKeeping in mind that the band are without a set list, Hodges shows genuine delight when Dan launches into the first chords of ‘On My Way’, a deep cut off the superb Buffalo Nickel album. A technical issue sees him fixing his guitar rig mid song, yet the band never drop a note. An AC/DC devotee, Hodges tells the audience how Angus Young turned up at a Scorchers gig during their 1988 Australian tour and presented Warner with a wireless unit – which could have come in handy tonight!  The band then launch into ‘Julie & Lucky’ and ‘I Love You Period’, both from 1992’s ‘Love Songs’ LP, the latter charting in Australia. Not to be outdone by Hodges, drummer Mauro Magellan performs running repairs on his hi-hat mid song – without missing a beat! The guys a pro – a monster drummer, and quite the artist too.

‘Movin’ Right Along’, another should have been classic from the ‘Get Loud’ album sounds 1493040504449.jpeggreat to my ears and gets the girls up and grooving. As does ‘Keep Your Hands To Yourself’, a song no doubt many punters came to hear, and who instead left hearing a truckload of other lesser known Baird classics as well. ‘Hands’ climbed all the way to Number Two on the Billboard Hot 100, and was denied the top spot by Bon Jovi’s ‘Living On A Prayer’. Turn that  Night Ranger fan up to full!

The Satellites material sounds timeless – testament to the song writing. Its great to hear ‘Mon Cherie’ and ‘Hard Luck Boy’, both rippin’ tunes with Micke Nilsson thumping hard on bass and laying down the groove. He’s a bad-ass bass player, who continues to hold his own amongst his more illustrious and seasoned band mates.

Dan dedicates ‘Sheila’, to an old bandmate, Ginny Whittaker whom he played with in The Rabbits back in 1980. Only a couple days before, in an interview with The Australian Rock Show, Dan talked about aging and death, and how every day you open Facebook to hear of a notable passing. The moment is not lost on me.

The ultimate tribute/commentary to Carny folk, ‘Fairground People’ scores two thumbs up, before a punishing version of ‘Railroad Steel’ ends proceedings. What a killer set. For those that were there, this was 110 minutes of the best rock n roll you are ever likely to see. For those that weren’t, be sure to see the band on tour soon. The best rock n roll band in the world – without a shadow of a doubt – Dan Baird & Homemade Sin.

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all images (c) Colin Gray/Cowboy Col.


Episode 68 – Dan Baird Interview

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Dan Baird and Homemade Sin are currently in the middle of an Australian tour and on episode 68 of The Australian Rock Show, we sit down with Dan for a detailed interview. We look over their current album ‘Rollercoaster’, Dan’s recent record ‘SoLow’ and much more. Dan Baird and Homemade Sin are indeed the genuine article ? the real rock n roll deal and quite possibly – the best band alive today. This is an interview you don’t wanna miss. Play loud !

Music by:

Dan Baird and Homemade Sin, Dan Baird, The Church

Check out this episode!

ricky99(1) Ricky, you’’ve just finished up a stateside tour with the Kevin K Band. How did the tour go ? The tour went great-although it wasn’’t a whole tour of the States, just shows in LA/Hollywood etc. Real great shows with Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones, Jeff Dahl, Leaving Trains, Street Walkin’ Cheetahs, Stitches, etc. (2) So what’s been happening with the Brats of late ? You had your first album from ’91 re-issued on I-94, which sounds fucking great !! Well, we’re trying to get the new album out – we have a few labels that want to do it, but lack of recording funds is keeping us from getting it done. But for now we got a new 7″ coming out in September on I-94 Recordings, and songs coming out on various comps including tribute albums to Flamin Groovies (Safety Pin Records – Spain) Dogs D’amour (Desert Inn Records – Italy) Forgotten Rebels, Hanoi Rocks etc, so there will be lotsa new Brats stuff coming out in the next few months and going into the year 2000. (3)The Trash Brats are about to go out on tour across the states in a double with Jeff Dahl right ?Yep. We are doing a midwest/east coast tour which starts on Sept 10 in Indianapolis, Indiana. We’re hitting a lot of cool cities including Chicago, Pittsburgh, NYC, Philly, Detroit (of course) Cincinnati etc. Should be a lot of fun ! (4) The Brats have been around for 10 years. Can you select a couple of highlights over that period ? Well, one of the big highlights was just recently we played here in Detroit with Joan Jett & the Blackhearts for like 8’000 – 10’000 people at this big outdoor place that we have always seen concerts at since we were kids. For sure the biggest crowd we have played to yet and in our hometown, so that was really fuckin’ cool ! Also the mini-tour we did with them a few years ago was fuckin’ great, I mean getting high with Joan herself in our beat-up Ford van ??! That was one of the great rock and roll moments for me for sure ! Of course other highlights were other shows where we got to play with so many of our rock and roll heroes and fave bands, like Johnny Thunders, The Dickies, Wayne Kramer, Teenage Head, Motorhead, Sylvain Sylvain etc…..(5) Why should touring Australian bands include Detroit rock city on their tour itinerary ?I think that speaks for itself. I mean doesn’’t just listening to Radio Birdman etc just make ya wanna see Detroit ?! But really it’s a town with such a great rock and roll history amongst other things. Plus if they’re a real rock and roll band, they’ll have a blast time here and the crowds will really dig ’em. (6) Favourite Australian band ? AC/DC for sure, with Radio Birdman and Rose Tattoo not far behind. (7) A Vegemite sandwich, kangaroo steak, or a can of Fosters ? Lots of cans of Fosters! (8) Kiss or The Sweet ? Yaaa…I love them both but I would have to go with Kiss as they were my fave band when I was a kid and the reason I got so into rock and roll to begin with – although Sweet’s ‘Desolation Boulevard’ is one of my all time fave albums!

(Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 2: Sept 1999)

kk99(1) Let’s talk about the new album. When is it due out  & what’s it called ? It’s due out in March, 2000 on Freddy Lynxx’’s Sucksex Records from France. It’s called ‘Midnight Dragon’. The songs are more pop sounding than any of my other records. I’d like to be the new Shaun Cassidy or Rick Springfield of the 2000’s ! You know, nice clean image. (2) For the benefit of European readers, you are about to head over for your first tour there right  ?  In January, Ricky and Toni (Trash Brats) Karl (Road Vultures) and I will be on tour from January 5th to the 25th with Hollywood Teasze, all over Germany. I’d like to meet as many hairy German girls as possible ! (3) And there’s a ‘Live in Japan’ album due soon as well ? Yes, it’s due out in December. It’s 12 live tracks from my Japan ’98 tour, 5 acoustic live tracks from my Japan acoustic ’97 tour, and 2 studio tracks we recorded in Tokyo with the Golden Arms. It’s on Elmer Germack’s new label Elmer Records. (4) What’s in store so far  for 2000 ? (after the Euro tour) In February I’m going back to L.A to record a new single with Texas Terri, then to France in March and back to NYC in April to finish recording my new CD for Vicious Kitten Records. (5) What influences you as a song writer ? I have many influences. I love blues, Robert Jr. Lockwood, Cedell Davis, and country like Martina McBride. Yet I also listen to Iggy, Johnny Thunders and Sinatra. I think I’m a pretty honest song writer. I try to write for the people that never seem to get what they want, ‘cos I’m one of those people ! I also get many song ideas when I’m on the golf course. (6) Can you name a favourite Australian band ? Rick Springfield, who I just saw play at the Beacon Theatre in NYC. He was great ! (7) Bon Scott or Brian Johnson ? Definitely Bon Scott ! Good singer, good drinker. Brian Johnson is ok, but you just can’t touch the vocal on ‘Highway To Hell’. (8) A message for 2000 for all the Kevin K fans out there ? I guess we just gotta keep walking in this modern world. I was just telling Texas Terri how much I hate technology. I’m gonna get a rotary telephone and a black & white TV !  Hopefully I’ll grow old together with my fans and friends.

(Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 3: Dec 1999)

FLBW1) Freddy, you have a new album recorded and about to be released. Can you tell us a little about it ? The title is ‘BLOODIED UP’ and it has been recorded in NY City at the famous Tin Pan Alley studios by Patrick Klein with lots of my great rock ‘n’ roll friends such as Kevin K, Mr Ratboy, the Senders and Elda Gentile to name but a few. 2) The songs sound consistently strong, and the album itself sounds very complete. Personally, I think it’s your strongest album by far. Would you agree ? I don’t know, as I still have 2 other albums recorded in the same vain, so that’s really impossible for me to say. 3) The concept of using some classic lines from the spaghetti western films as song intros really adds to the authentic, gutsy feel of the album. Can we expect Dirty Harry on the next album ? I guess so, plus Mr Smith & Wesson ! 4) Will you be touring soon to support the album’s release ? There’s a tour that should start next year. Maybe March or April but the booking agency has suggested we’ll have to wait ’til the press review the album. 5) What’s 2000 hold in store for Freddy Lynxx at this stage ? Nothing at all! But it should be fine for rock ‘n’ roll as in China it will be the year of the Dragon. 6) Favourite Australian band ? Early AC/DC with Bon Scott (RIP), the Saints, Radio Birdman, Hoss. 7) Shakin Street or Telephone ? None of them. For me it was a band called Extraballe. The best French lyrics, music and male singer. 8) A message for all Cat Scratch Fever readers and Freddy Lynxx fans out  there? Support Vicious Kitten and get the Cat Scratch Fever for 9 lives!

(Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 3: Dec 1999)

Episode 67 – Clifford Hoad Interview

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On episode 67 of The Australian Rock Show we chat with Clifford Hoad – founder of the mighty Kings Of The Sun. We talk about their recently released ‘Razed On Rock’ album, and also their upcoming ‘Playin’ To the Heavens’ record. Cliff has rock n roll pulsing through his veins and this is an interview you don’t wanna miss. Tune in and play loud !

Music by:

Kings Of The Sun, Deep Purple

Check out this episode!

L7They’ve toured downunder three times, leaving a trail of debris in their wake – now, the god-like L7 have just released their first ever live album !! Vicious Kitten chased down guitarist Suzi Gardner recently to get the latest from the L7HQ (interview conducted November, 1998)


Vicious Kitten: Let’s start with the new live album ‘L7 Live – Omaha to Osaka’. Where was it recorded at ? 
Suzi Gardner: As the title states, it was recorded in Omaha, Nebraska and Osaka, Japan. However the Overture/Medley performed by the John Marshall High School Marching Band was recorded in Los Angeles

VK: Do you think it captures the energy and mayhem of L7 live and are you satisfied with the finished result ?
SG: Yeah, these recordings capture all… warts and all. These aren’t slick, spruced up recordings with a lot of ‘studio magic’, they are raw and honest. You even get loads of in between song banter, our usually crass commentary. Don’t play this in earshot of your Mom. Really, all you need is a dark room, headphones and a cigarette lighter for the encore!  And it comes complete with Frank Kozik’s kick ass artwork

VK: What’s in the immediate pipeline for L7 ? A new studio album early next year ?
SG: Well we had hoped to have a new album out early in the year, but we are in between labels. I imagine we WILL have a full-length album out sometime in 1999. So in the mean time we taking this opportunity to do a few fun things that we’ve always wanted to do. One of those things is releasing a live album. Bootlegging ourselves, as it were. We’ve also been writing and recording new material. We’re planning to release a single on the net as well.

VK: Gail’s been in for a couple of years now (I think we may’ve seen one of her earliest shows in Phoenix, November ’96 w/D-Gen) and not that she didn’t suit Belly, but she looks right at home as one of the ladies of L7….
SG: Gail is an outstanding addition to L7! She claims she was born to be in L7! She really rocks like no other. Gail instantly melded into the group upon her arrival. We are SO fucking pleased

VK: Personally speaking, ‘The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum’ was one of your strongest albums, containing more killer Sparks/Gardner cuts eg ‘Bad Things’, ‘Off The Wagon’, ‘Drama’. Was it annoying the way certain parts of this fickle industry snubbed it, as there were no instant riff-monsters like in the past (‘Pretend We’re Dead’, ‘Andres’) ?
SG: We too think it’s one of our stronger albums. I really don’t think the album was just ‘snubbed by the fickle industry’…I think that we experienced many obstacles in regards to that album. I don’t mean to point any fingers, but let’s just say, “We did our job”. I also think there were plenty of catchy riffy tunes…go figure.

VK: Is Krist Novoselic’s rockumentary on the band near completion ? Was any Australian footage included ?
SG: No sorry, no Aussie footage unfortunately (L7’s Australian fans are rabid and they deserve their 15 minutes too). Krist has shot and directed a wonderful film. He has completed it and is now working out the distribution details. The footage is from shows in the US; it’s very artfully shot. We’re excited about the film, I’m sure our fans will be too, as there is very little video or film available on us. If you’re interested you can check out our website for the latest details, it should be available in a couple of months.

VK: L7’s take of Blue Oyster Cult’s ‘This Ain’t the Summer of Love’ off the ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ soundtrack fucking rocks !! I never knew Buck Dharma and Eric Bloom were an influence ?!
SG: We enjoyed doing that. It was fun putting an L7 twist on that song, but we didn’t hand pick the song, it was music folks from the film. I am probably the only ‘real hard core’ BOC fan in L7, they’re a great band….‘Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll’ one of my favourites. Glad you liked the track.

VK: What is currently happening with Rock For Choice ?
SG: Rock for Choice is still a functioning arm of the Feminist Majority Foundation. It continues to raise money and awareness for a woman’s right to choose a safe and legal abortion.

VK: Any plans to work with Joan Jett again ? I’ve always thought that L7 could belt out a stinging version of a Runaways tune, (other than ‘Cherry Bomb’) – something say off ‘Waitin’ For The Night’ – ie ‘Wasted’ or ‘You’re Too Possessive’ !!
SG: Joan rocks. No, there’s nothing currently in the works. I like her latest hair-do.

VK: I’ve always wanted to know if that 1994 radio interview from Fresno (on the ‘Andres’ single) was for real ? Hearing some of those ignorant zombies who phoned in was both funny and frightening at the same time !
SG: I know, what a bunch of ignoramuses.

VK: The sampling of Yoko Ono on ‘Wargasm’ has always intrigued me. Some of her work is indeed hard listening, but her distinct scream works so well on that song. Is she an influence ? Incidentally I’m confident John Winston would’ve dug the mighty L7 !
SG: Yes, Yoko is very influential.

VK: You’ve toured downunder in ’92, ’95 and earlier this year with The Tea Party ? Any highlights/fond memories ? Have you have a chance to break from touring and see some of our amazing country ?
SG: Touring Australia is always fun for L7. I’ve gotten to do a little sight seeing, but not as much as I would like to have. I’ve visited a couple of animal parks. Once I looked right inside a Kangaroo’s pouch, it was really tame and it let me stick my entire head in there almost. We love to hang out with our friends the Cosmic Psychos. There are many more things in your fair country that I’d love to see. Take me, will ya?

VK: Can Australia expect a fourth visit from L7 in the future or is that just wishful thinking on my part ?
SG: By all means. I personally cannot wait to come back down.

VK: What was the first concert you attended ?
SG: One of my earliest concerts was Alice Cooper

VK: Name your five ‘desert island discs’ ?
SG: If I were stranded on a desert island I would only require one CD. I would not be listening to this per se; I’d be using it to ensure my rescue from said island. I would point it at the sun and flash Morse code at oncoming ships and aircraft.

VK: A message for the Vicious Kitten readers/L7 fans out there…..
SG: Be True To Yourself! And if you need a little dose of L7 before we make it back to Australia go visit our website!

(Archive Source: Vicious Kitten Fanzine Issue 9: Nov 1998)