Over the years we have coined many ultra-cool rock n roll catch phrases. Some of them so clever, we thought they deserved a page of their own….more to be added


‘hard listening’ – this phrase goes back some years – when I was reviewing an L7 album – and they had sampled Yoko Ono’s voice. ‘Some of Yoko’s material is indeed ‘hard listening’ – is what I wrote. Geddit ? Hard to listen to.

‘fossil rock’ –  ancient rock n roll bands who saw Pterodactyls take to the skies – eg Deep Purple


  1. John Battles says:

    Tim Tam Slam (Wig Wam Bam) – Failed commercial jingle by (The) Sweet for the Australian market.
    Ch- Ch – Ch – Ch – Ch – Ch – CHERRY RIPE !!! – Livewise failed Oz TV spot by The Runaways. Kim Fowley was dead set against the idea , knowing full well , the band could have bought their way out of their contract with him , with all the Aussie Dollars they would have earned.

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