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They could have been the next Beatles – but a series of tragedies, mismanagement and rip offs left Badfinger as one of the most maligned rock bands of all time. If the Ed Sheerans of the world could pen a tune half as decent as this – I’d give him his fair due. Yet he cant. Peter Ham was a superb songwriter.  Badfinger had superb songs, harmonies and songs that have endured. Nuff said.



As I’ve penned elsewhere, I am a regular listener to ‘From The underworld’, an engaging and informative weekly radio show which broadcasts out of Phoenix FM in Essex every Saturday night. The host of the show, Brian Ager, has his ear to the ground when it comes to all the latest (and best) bands worth hearing, and you can do a hell of lot worse than to tune in and check out his show. You can also download or stream it at a later time, meaning you don’t have to get up at 3 am and sit by the wireless like we would have in days gone by. On a recent show, he aired a single by Bad Touch called “Baby Get It On”, a rippin’ rock tune that features the vocals of Steve Marriot’s daughter, Mollie Marriot. Whilst this is a great take that is pretty true to the original – hearing it did send me back to the original, in my opinion, one of, if not the best tune penned by Ike and Tina Turner. Ike Turner is in many ways the father of rock n roll, and a total bad ass who oozes attitude. Check out the video below. People forget what a great voice he had. The Ikettes, (whatever version he had), radiated sex appeal –and they could sing and dance their asses off. Beyonce has made a career off of Tina Turner – in both style, song and dance – and unlike today’s clinical world of entertainment –back then it was all live, no recorded backing track, EVERYTHING live. From 1960-75 Ike and Tina Turner cut a swathe through established rock n roll and broke the mould like few others have done before or since. So here they are, both versions, Bad Touch up against Ike and Tina. Check em both out, and kudos to Bad Touch for bringing a great rock tune into contemporary times.



dizzy dollzEarlier this year – we blogged about some footage from Sydney’s long-lost Dizzy Dollz – which had surfaced on YouTube. Some months later we learn that another gig has been upped – and it’s just as good. When I say I’m in love you best believe I’m in love, L U V – and Mr Rockbrat is diggin’ this time travel – to the seedy Kardomah Cafe big time ! Tonight we have another dose of glam/punk/rock n roll circa 1992. It’s a short set, but a great one. Does vocalist Bella still perform ? She must’ve intimidated the hell out of many a young cherry-boy from that stage. Her voice suits these tunes so well. Did this band ever demo the track ‘Bitch On Heat’ ? Loud and to-the-point – it’s as catchy as all hell. Same with ‘Can’t Stop Shakin’ ? Was that ever put to tape ? Guitarist Glenn Read’s solo is hot – so too, the one in ‘Good Morning Headache’ – he was someone we saw a lot over the years on the Sydney scene (Shy Thunder/White Widow/Starlet) – and he always played with a great tone and feel. Looking back – Dizzy Dollz were more than just T and A rock n roll. As mentioned in my previous post – fun and entertainment were the main focus points. How can you not dig an outfit who rip through cool Runaways and Dolls tunage ?! Their take on Eddie Cochrane’s Summertime Blues is the best you’ll hear this side of Joan Jett’s 1981 run-through. Love it. The Australian underground scene had some great – authentic rock n roll bands in the late 80’s and Dizzy Dollz were just one of em. Spend 40 minutes watching this set and you’ll be in agreeance. OK kids, the sun is now up so I should stumble down Bayswater Road and vanish like a vampire…

Here’s a good one – ‘Swimwear’, the recent video from Ginger Wildheart and his new pop combo Hey! Hello! Drenched in Cheap Trick pop sensibilities, ‘Swimwear’ shows that catchy heavy pop is still bankable in 2013. Hey! Hello! Features the very easy-on-the-eye Victoria Liedtke. In late July they released their self-titled, debut album (all via crowd funding mind you) and it rose to number 12 on the Brit charts, despite not having the backing of a major label. Hey! Hello! Have a sound described as a cross between Green Day and Abba – yet like most things with the Ginger brand on it – it’s great! After all his years of hard work, any commercial success he has is justly deserved.  You can download the album for a measly 7 quid here

Some years ago I recall a conversation I had with a woman who was somewhat illiterate when it came to rock ‘n’ roll. What sticks in my memory is that she raved on and on and on about the Eddie & The Cruisers movie which was released in 1983. From memory, the film was somewhat contrived, and its best part was the brunette love interest played by none other than Helen Schneider. Between 1978 and 1984, Schneider achieved success as a rock singer in Germany; and with this tune, (a reworked and lo-cal version of the mighty Tatt’s tune ‘Rock n Roll Outlaw’) Rock’n’ Roll Gypsy, she reached the top 10 in Germany and received a Gold Record Award, sharing the Goldene Europa Award with John Lennon. I recall buying the Helen Schneider With the Kick album (which this tune is on) on a previous trip to the Big Apple for a dollar. It’s pretty over rated. Interesting to note that long time Blackheart Thommy Price plays drums on the album. Like I said, it’s pretty light compared to the Tatts – you make your own mind up.

One of the long lost Aussie rock classics from the mid 70s – this is very Brit-glam flavoured, and you could be mistaken for thinking it was a UK band. Nope, Sherbet, with Garth on lead vocals. This was the B side of the ‘Only One You” 7″ which went Top Ten in late 1975. The video features model / actress Susan Stenmark, who later went onto TV fame in “The Young Doctors”(one for you Earl) and starred in the Sussan’s fashion ads in the early 80’s. This is a great tune. Love the solid bass playing of Tony Mitchell on this.

And on the eight day – God created Steffanie. When at other times he was not focused on the job and carelessly produced herds of bull necked swamp donkeys, he sure was paying attention to detail the day he created Steffanie, cos in her he did indeed create one stunning, shapely creature (slobber)…..who grew up to be a model and one hell of a rock singer. Steffanie Borges, most famously replaced Keiko Terrada in Show-ya, and with Show-ya released the way underappreciated ‘Touch The Sun’ CD, which I’ve reviewed elsewhere on this blog. (Incidentally, the only Show-ya album to be sung in English). She also cut two fine solo albums in 1985 and 1986, called ‘Hideaway’ and ‘Pink Noise’ respectively. These were both re issued late last year in Japan and you can expect a review of both these re-issues in the not too distant future. Anyway, here is a live acoustic video of ‘Touch The Sun’, the title track from the 1995 album when she was fronting Show-ya. It’s one of my favourite vocal performances from Steff.