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UntitledBack in 1980’s Australia – when heavy metal was underground and yet-to-be embraced by the mainstream – small city scenes were in fact thriving. If you dig Aussie HM – Sydney’s Quarterpipe Records is well worth your time. They have the same kinda love for loud rock that we have, and the role they play in acknowledging some of these lost bands is vital. Many obscure MP3 tracks are available to purchase and let’s face it, (as some of this material was only available on small vinyl pressings) you ain’t gonna find it elsewhere. There is a ton of well written material and unique photos here from guys who were there. Lots of good recent bands as well. I spent a lot of time on this site and it brought back some memories…like seeing Addictive, Mortal Sin etc. Great days. A great site doing great things which you check out…..Visit them here


These guys have great taste in music !

We here at Rockbrat HQ are big time fans of the Rosie Tatts. Read through the posts and you’ll no doubt gather that (I recall Angry passing a can of VB from the stage to a much younger Cowboy one night at Dee Why Hotel and the Cowboy gulping down the brew with great gusto ! T’was thirsty work seeing Angry and the boys).  Actually me and the Cowboy saw them live many times and have some great memories. Here is a Rose Tattoo Fan Site on the band which is well compiled with some great features. Check out the Tatts buttons and patches ! Two thumbs up from Mr Rockbrat and the Cowboy !

This promoter (known as Spacewalk To The Comet) is operating from out of Tokyo is making a name for themselves by bringing out many cool-school rock acts to Japan. They wouldn’t be Kiss Crazies with a name like that would they !? Even have the business name in Kiss type font (I wonder if $immons owns the Kiss font ? I’d bet he’s made a (money) grab for it ! If you check out their site, you’ll see the list of artists they’ve brought to Japan in recent years. Last month they put their hands in their pockets for an L.A Guns tour – featuring Tracii Guns (uh oh, remember what we said about guys in bands with chicks names – that’s him second from left on their homepage image – looking like he’s about to go for a spot of fishing). I would’ve gone but had to go grocery shopping. Former Maiden shouter Paul Di’anno, CJ Ramone, Steven Adler, Bruce Kulick – you get the picture ? If you live in Japan it might be worth bookmarking this one and keeping an eye out for future tours….

who wants a wacky wobbler !?

Site Name: Kiss Museum

Who doesn’t love checking out cool and interesting Kiss merch ? I do not collect Kiss merch any longer but I still get a kick out of what is available. they sure have come a long way since the humble lunch box and beach towel ! Kiss Museum is one of the best sites when it comes to purchasing the latest Kiss merch. Check it out. I might grab some of those Gene demon sunglasses !

So cool to find a blog written by folks that know their rock. From what I gather ‘What A Nice Way To Turn 17′ was originally a print zine from the mid-80’s and is now spreading the word of cool rock n roll via this blog. Nikki Sudden, Dave Kusworth, Tav Falco, Jerry Nolan, Thunders – I know which site I’ll be spending the rest of the day reading through. If you enjoyed the interview with Nikki Sudden we did some years back, where he spoke a lot about his German tour of 1985, this is essential reading. Two thumbs up from Mr Rockbrat !

Site Name: Everything Kiss

 Man this is a fascinating site. I could gaze for hours at vintage Kiss merch. Toys, Stationary, Homeware, Books and Comics, Records, CD’s etc etc. Over 2500 Kiss-related products to check out ! Be sure to visit some of the Kiss fan’s rooms….insane ! Interesting to not that many of the twenty most-collectible Kiss items are mostly from the 1980 Australian Tour ! Some of the items are cool, others veer towards the land of Rockbrat-ridicule (Destroyer Fridge anyone?), but this is a very informative site deserving of your attention.

Site Name: 13th Street Entertainment

Thirteenth Street Entertainment is – obviously enough – located in New York City. If you are looking for information on the great Kevin K, here is the place to visit. Site owner Ted has been a pal of KK’s for years and his knowledge of Kev’s previous bands like Aunt Helen, Lone Cowboys, Road Vultures etc comes first hand. They’ve got a great shop where you can buy CD’s and other merch as well.