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Just a reminder that there are currently 22 episodes of Rockbrat Radio  available for you to download or stream, all for free! Admittedly, due to other projects, 2012 was a very quiet year as far as episodes of Rockbrat Radio goes, (ie: none) but this year we are going to ramp that up a  little and hope to bring you some new interviews and retrospective shows as well – with cool music guaranteed! Until then though – why not sit back, crack open a cold one, and tune in to the existing episodes of Rockbrat Radio – the blog for your ears! There’s some good stuff to listen to. Including episodes that put the spotlight on Vicious Kitten Records, Radio Birdman, unsigned bands, a look at Sydney’s best metal bands from the 1980s, a look at Japan’s best metal bands from the 80’s too. There was also interviews with Gigi Hangach of Phantom Blue, Mark Easton (Suicide Squad / Kelpies / Candy Harlots), NYC’s Kevin K, Anne McCue, and Worcester’s Rick Cormier. There was a Freddy Lynxx special, and tribute shows to Satoshi Silvers of The Golden Arms, and Rick Blaze of The Ballbusters.  Hours and hours of great listening pleasure. So why not check it all out here.


I was recently contacted by a Rockbrat reader regarding the poster for this gig, Cheap Trick at Jindabyne Hotel in the NSW Snowy Mountains back in August, 1990. So I fished out out the bootleg cassette I made of the show, I honestly havent listend to this tape since that time in Winter 1990..I blew off the dust and was again reminded how consumate a band Cheap Trick really are. This was only their second night in Australia – and they were playing the Jindabyne Hotel. They played several cuts off of their then just released 1990 album ‘Busted’. Many high points in the set, including Tom Peterson doing his killer version of ‘I Know What I Want’. Is their anyone cooler than Tom Peterson ? Or Zander ? Anyway, for your listening enjoyment, here is the band’s second last song of the evening and it’s a good one, “they persecute me right here in JINDABYNE!” That’s right, an MP3 of Dream Police from the Jindabyne Hotel, 18/8/1990.  Never heard anywhere else, so for the first time, a 21 year old gift to you from Cowboy Col. Enjoy. Download it here  

On Wednesday 8th December 2010 – Mr Rockbrat thought he’d call Sydney Radio Announcer and Beatle fan Tim Webster to chat about John Lennon – it being the 30 year anniversary of his death.  Listen here.


The Rockbrat called the national Rock Sat radio program back in 1990 when Aerosmith were touring – hitting em with a question about the great (ex-Flame) guitarist Jimmy Crespo – who replaced Perry in the band. Listen here

OK, it’s 2010. Everybody’s seen The Runaways movie and is now a Joan Jett fan. I’m sure all these new disciples will be out in force when Joanie tours Australia in Summer this year as part of the summer festival circuit.  How many of you recall Joan’s 1995 Australia tour with the Divinyls? She played dozens of shows in seemingly every Australian town in May, June and July, 1995. Joan and drummer Thommy Price found time to do an interview with Triple J in their Sydney studios on the 18th of July, 1995. Being a life long Joan fan, the Rockbrat managed to record the interview on the Rockbrat tape recorder.  Ive dusted it off, and here it is, 15 years later, for your audio pleasure. Listen here.

The Rockbrat was a big fan of Danish band Disneyland After Dark (D.A.D.) who regrettably, got lost amongst a sea of long haired, garden variety, late 80’s metal bands. It’s a pity that both radio and the punters could not largely distinguish the cream from the crap back then, but when everbody is sharing the same wardrobe, Joe Average thinks that Cinderella are the same as Johnny Crash, or D.A.D. are the same as Warrant. Wrong, wrong, wrong my friends. D.A.D had an originality that should have lifted them well and truly above the pack, and to some extent, their 1989 album ‘No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims’ did enjoy some minor success in Australia. Anyway, if memory serves me correct, the band came out to Australia in April 1990 for several shows, but they also came out to Sydney for a promotional tour in January, 1990 to test the waters. Rockbrat remembers that a benefit concert was held in early 1990 for a well repected roadie named John O’ Shannasy, who died in the Newcastle Earthquake, and amongst a line up that included Daryl Braithwaite, Chantoozies, Martin Plaza and The Choirboys, D.A.D were also included as a last minute addition. That was good enough for the Rockbrat. So it was that the Rockbrat ventured out to Tiffany’s, Blacktown on Friday 2nd of February, 1990 to witness the very first Australian show by one of Denmark’s finest, who played no onther show as part of this promotional tour in February. They did however, do a radio interview, also their very first, with Tony Biggs in the Triple J studios. I managed to whack a cassette in the recorder and capture their first interview, now some 20 years later, it’s been dusted off for your listening pleasure. It runs for about 10 minutes. Listen here. Happy trails!

Recently dusted off for your listening pleasure, here is a 10 minute interview with Ian Rilen and Steve Lucas on Double J at the time of the release of X’s glorious ‘Aspirations’ LP. We’ve cleaned up the sound a little bit for you, enjoy my friends. Dedicated to the memory of the one and only, Ian Rilen. Listen here