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Back in 1994/5 when KI$$ where heading around the world on their convention tour, Space Ace Frehley was hitting the club circuit around the US and Canada, including a leg called the ‘Kick Ass Tour’.  Many of these dates included his buddy Peter Criss on drums. Ace and Peter in a club ? or Kiss in a stadium or really were not sure what genre of rock they should be playing….grunge, heavy rock, classic metal. Gimme the bay boys of Kiss anyday ! I just unearthed this signed print which looks very cool. Before I go hang this on the Rockbrat wall, I thought I would share it with all you jaded awol Kissers out there !


Ace was back and he told you so !

Back in 1986 I joined the Frehley’s Comet Fan Club. From memory it ran for a couple of years and was ran by a guy called Erik Cram from Modesto, CA. It was always a highlight when a new issue of ‘Comet Watch’ landed in Mr Rockbrat’s letterbox ! Remember that back then, info in Ace was scarce so to be a member of his first fan club after his KISS exit was indeed something special. Easy now to join his mailing list online, but make no mistake, memories like these are irreplaceable.

Signing up to join the Vinnie Vincent Invasion International Fan Club – now there’s a tongue-twister – was a no-brainer for this here Kiss nut. Of course, back in the mid-80’s, fan clubs etc worked a little differently to nowadays. Vinnie’s been in the news in recent times for all the wrong reasons, but back then – he was taking heavy metal in a new direction. The first VVI album with Robert Fleischman was amazing. Here are a couple of Vinnie plectrums which arrived in my mailbox back in 86/87

It was back in the summer of 83….err actually 93, when Ace Frehley launched his official fan club ‘Rock Soldiers’. As a long time Kisser, my address was no doubt on many Kiss Fan Club mailing lists. I was a member of the Frehley’s Comet fan club, some years before this, which I will write about later. The Space Ace has his name out in the public eye recently, via his great ‘No Regrets’ book. Two decades ago, things were slightly different – as this letter indicates. Ace was looking for fan club members….’A Message From Ace Frehley’ on the front of an envelope ?! Very cool ! A different time, before the internet had taken over and Kiss had put on the paint once more.

This flier from January of 1984 represents a long forgotten time in rock. Def Leppard, with High N Dry beginning to set the rock world ablaze were well on their way to superstardom. The same month in Tokyo Alcatrazz came to town. Hard to tell who the exe-wizard is from this shot, but it aint Yngwie or Vai. A vintage flier from the Rockbrat collection which was worth sharing !!

Here is a pic of a long lost gig shirt I once owned. Amazing double bill, considering what the Australian ‘live’ scene is like nowadays. It’s from a NYE show at Melbourne’s Sarah Sands. Supports were Nursery Crimes and Swirl. Is this 1990 ?

Been receiving some nice comments in regard to a post on the blog about the much maligned late 80’s Melbourne powerpop outfit, the Shivers, so I fished around in the Rockbrat archives today and found this old gig poster. It is for a Shivers show at the Tote in Collingwood, and Im pretty sure it was in May, 1991.