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On the drums – Mr Bun E Carlos (not Dax)….

If you have ever seen Cheap Trick over the years and not caught a Rick Nielson guitar pick, you can probably count yourself as pretty unlucky. He must have thrown thousands of the things out to the crowd over the years, probably more so than any other guitar player ever, and it was a marketing idea that he no doubt picked up from KI$$. Kids in an audience love having a souvenir from the gig – with the most common item thrown from the stage being the guitar pick. Yet there’s also been raw meat (Blackie), bibles (the yellow and black attack variety), and the broken guitar (if you were lucky). Drumsticks have also been thrown out in their thousands, and I’m sure some kid must have lost an eye over the years from this projectile being hurled into the crowd from the stage. Here you go. Ive googled it. Only a couple of months ago, A ‘5 Seconds Of Summer’ fan was injured by a flying drumstick at the band’s concert in New Zealand, and almost lost her eye sight. ‘5 Seconds of Summer. Dork band alert! These retards have be the most contrived bunch of teen dorks Ive seen in a long time, and the fan deserves all shes gets for attending such a lame concert. Learn your lesson. I remember back in 1985 a friend of ours caught A.J Pero’s drumstick at Twisted Sister’s Sydney show. I was pretty impressed by that. Which brings me back to the topic. Cheap Trick. I saw Cheap Trick a few times in 1988. I believe I caught this Bun E Carlos drumstick from a gig at Selina’s, Coogee Bay in December 1988. The irony is that Mr Rockbrat scored the other one! Here it is.


Whilst rummaging through the vaults today, I came across this concert t shirt I purchased at Dio’s Sydney concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Saturday the 13th of September, 1986.  This was the Sacred Heart tour, and as visits to the antipodes by international metal bands in the mid 80’s were rare (save for Maiden, Twisted Sister, Motorhead and Leppard) it was a night of pure unadulterated heavy metal to be cherished.  It’s a pity that Viv Campbell was not there, but Rough Cutt’s Craig Goldie cut the mustard, though he lacked the spark/magic that Campbell brought to the band. From memory, there was aslo the obligatory guitar and drum solos – and Claude even knocked out a keybaord solo. Solos aside, it was a kick arse set, with no filler in sight. King of Rock and Roll,  Like the Beat of a Heart, Don’t Talk to Strangers, Hungry for Heaven, The Last in Line, Holy Diver, Heaven and Hell, Sacred Heart, Rock ‘n’ Roll Children, Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll,  Man on the Silver Mountain, Stand Up and Shout, Rainbow in the Dark, with encores of We Rock and  Stars. It would be 7 long years before Mr Rockbrat and I got to see Ronnie live again (at the Hammy Odeon), and thankfully we managed to witness him fronting Heaven And Hell, at The Gong. A few years back now. Hearvy metal heaven friends. I remember waking up buzzed the morning after the gig – it still ranks as one of my most cherished gigs – and here is the concert shirt from that night, 26 years ago !  Stand Up and shout!!!!







Being a girl band geek lifer, it was only a matter of time before I cast my attention on London’s Voodoo Queens. I recall – upon landing in the UK around that time, asking a mate to clue me in on any decent she-powered outfits. Cross-referencing his recommendation list with the NME gig guide – I penciled in an upcoming Saturday night show at London School of Economics for a band called the Voodoo Queens. Yes yes I was impressed. Not as ‘to-the-point’ as others in the riot-grrl stable, the Voodoo Queens wrote some cool tunes with an abundance of melody – and combined quirk with early 90’s grrl-angst to great effect. What an injustice that bands are grouped under the same blanket, cos they were far better than many others who flew the riot-grrl flag. I bought this shirt at one of the Voodoo Queens gigs I attended in 93/94. Fun days.

Some time back, we penned an article on the long forgotten Kardomah Cafe at Kings Cross – Sydney’s coolest post-gig venue to hang out at, as the sun was beginning to appear on the horizon. The article itself receives a lot of traffic, not just from rock fans who remember attending the place – but because it was a long running venue and a part of Sydney’s history (way before ‘dudes’ wore cowboy boots in there). Anyway I just unearthed this pass-out which at a guess is circa 1988 or 1989.

ImageThis flier for the long forgotten – but fondly remembered ‘Killing Time’ looks to be circa 1991. Jed, Tubby and Co did a short residency at the Royal Derby on Brunswick Street. Great band, great days….check out the old Killing Time poster we had here and Cowboy Col’s great post on Jed Starr as well.


My rock n roll blood brother and I have long been Kings Of The Sun admirers. Check out some of our previous posts we’ve penned related to this iconic Queensland outfit !

I was rummaging through some of my rock merch this afternoon and discovered this gem ! According to my scrawl on the back of this set-list – it was in fact Kings of The Sun vocalist’s Jeff Hoad’s. It is dated 19th January 1989 – Manly Hotel in Sydney, supported by the Candy Harlots. I am so grateful that I used to have the good sense to gather these items ! The Manly Hotel – which was steeped in rock n roll history – and was situated opposite Manly Wharf – was demolished many many years back, to make way for apartments. KOTS destroyed that shitty live venue that very night ! Both bands (Kings and the Candy Harlots) did a run of dates together at that time and I saw many dates (including one in December WAY out west in a place called Berkshire Park)….It was a great double bill. Any fan of pure rock n roll digs the Kings Of The Sun…check the set list back then !!! ‘Bad Love’ was such a great tune to open with. ‘Drop the Gun’ had not been released yet but was already appearing in the set-list. What I would give to locate a time machine and set the date for that evening. Great memories….

You are encouraged to visit the band’s Facebook page here


TMG – gone but never forgotten, and always remembered fondly around here ! Ted Mulry wrote some amazing rock tunes over the years, and if you are on a discovery of Australian Music, be sure to research him. Here is an advert for a TMG charm bracelet, which from memory was included in the album ‘Struttin’Image