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glam_savagesWhat: Glam Savages 1986 Sydney Gig Poster
Winning Bid: $30.50 AUS
Starting Bid: $8.95 AUS
Sale Date: 17 June 2014


…’Official Aussie screenprinted gig poster…with a pasted-on section with details of three Sydney gigs in Darlinghurst and Kings Cross (Sydney), on 29th and 30th July, and 1st August 1986…unusually with playing times quoted as well…

These guys included Mark Easton, ex of The Kelpies and Soggy Porridge, and rhythm guitarist Ron Barrett, plus bass player Nick Szentcuti (plus a couple of others), but these 3 went on to form the original Candy Harlots in mid-1987.’

 I love it when this kinda stuff pops up on eBay. As is correctly stated in the spiel, this band was a forerunner to the Candy Harlots – the loud, leather n’ sleaze outfit who had the Syndey underground in a spin back in the late 80s…and a band whom we followed all over Sydney. Cannot be certain but I ‘think’ some of the Candy’s tunes like ‘Vicious Love’ had their beginnings in Soggy Porridge and Glam Savages days – but the memory is hazy. Anyway, I love it when cool stuff like this surfaces every so often. Dig it ! Video footage of this band is pretty much non-existent, so I will add some Soggy Porridge and Candy Harlots instead. If you wanna know more about Mark Easton, check out the audio interview we did with him some time back.



DSC_0053Whilst in Japan recently, I was rummaging through a bunch of old records when I looked up at the wall of used guitars for sale. A couple caught my eye. One being a very nice BC Rich Warlock, the other being a Randy Rhoads signature model Flying V (not sure of the series, though I presume it is from the Pro Series range (made in Japan). At $670 Australian dollars, the price was at current market value, if prices on eBay are anything to go by. There are more than 12 different Randy Rhoads models produced by Jackson.  The first Rhoads model guitar produced by Jackson was the white, pinstriped, asymmetrical Flying V built by Grover Jackson, Tim Wilson, and Mike Shannon of Charvel Guitars. Vinnie Vincent was the first professional guitarist to be offered an early Rhoads guitar by Jackson after Rhoads’ death, which Vincent used on the Kiss Creatures of the Night and Lick It Up tours from 1982 until 1984. Following Vincent’s departure from Kiss, he modified the Rhoads V design by adding a second V at a slight rotation to the first such that it mimics a shadow. Jackson made at least 3 of these Vincent modified Rhoads Vs from 1985 to 1988 for Vincent, and about 25 others were custom ordered and sold. The design would later be copied by Carvin, Ibanez and Washburn Guitars, all for Vinnie Vincent. Kirk Hammett, Michael Sweet, Robbin Crosby, Phil Campbell, Adrian Smith, Scott Ian and Dan Spitz all played Rhoads signature Vs.

runaways_1977_shirt_frontWhat: Runaways 1977 European Tour T-Shirt
Buy It Now Price: $7,920 US
Listing Date: September  2013

Original The Runaways concert tee from their ‘School Days’ European tour ’77! THE REAL DEAL AND ONE OF THE RAREST/COOLEST TOUR SHIRTS ON EARTH!!! Pink lipstick kisses print on front! Excellent vintage condition with no rips, holes or stains.

Tees were made a lot smaller back then so please go by these measurements (unstretched):

PIT TO PIT: 16 (has lots of stretch to go bigger)
TAG SIZE: Medium
TAG BRAND: Bonito T-shirts

Little sister, unstrap your rollerskates – cos It’s Friday nite and we’ve located this rare shirt listed on eBay. What a great find – an original Runaways tour tee-shirt – from their 1977 European tour. ‘Waiting For The Night’ is my favourite record from Joanie, Lita, Vicki and Sandy. The asking price of $7,920.00 is ridiculous – but the fact that there are nearly 50 watchers on this item – indicates that this band are becoming collectable. Nice to see a complete listing of all the European dates they played on this tour – as displayed on the back of the shirt. That is an image barbed wire at the base of the shirt – which ties in with the covert art from the album they were touring. I once owned a programme from this tour, which woulda made a nice pairing. Amazing !






Canberra gets shocked out of it’s brain back in 75

What: Skyhooks 1975 Canberra Concert Poster
Winning Bid: $192.50 AUS
Starting Bids: $0.99 AUS
Sale Date: 29 June 2013

Description: Original Skyhooks December ’75 Summer Tour Poster
“For Auction is an original Skyhooks December ’75 Summer Tour poster
The picture tells it all
It’s in fairly good condition. The edges are frayed and there are two minor tears, one at the top and the other towards the bottom

Needs smoothing out as has some creasing.
Measures 60cm x 80cm
A great piece of memorabilia”

Time to iron your Amco Peaches, and jump into the Charger – cos we’re doing some time travel aiming for 1975. The date : Sunday the 7th of December and the place: Fraser Park Speedway in the (now blue-collar) area known as Hume (or Tralee) in the Canberra region. Fans of 70’s Australian history will not that The Dismissal of the Whitlam Government  had only occurred  a mere three and a bit weeks before this gig. But that’s ancient history. The Hooks – still riding the highs of 75 via the charts success of both All My Friends Are Getting Married and “Million Dollar Riff, rode into the capital on an outdoor show which also featured Mushroom label mates Ol’ 55 and The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band. Also sharing the stage was British bluesman Anthony “Duster” Bennett (who would tragically be killed three months after this event in a car crash). Records founders Ray Evans and Michael Gudinski put on this show and I  believe in their early days, would bring a lot of blues acts downunder. Fans of nostalgia will also note that the poster states – ‘when Skyhooks fly, they fly Ansett and when they drive – they drive Letz renta car’. Indeed. The ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ Tour would hit most major Australian cities in December of 1975. This is not intended to be a Skyhooks – rant, but if you’ve always dismissed this amazing Australian outfit – now is the time to rediscover their catalogue.


Red and Shirl in the Rockbrat lens – Queanbeyan 15 years later

They wrote some amazing, quirky, clever and very very memorable songs. Shirl passed away around the time of 9/11 and (although there were a couple of lovely tribute events) I really think he did not get the adulation/farewell he deserved. His vocals are instantly recognisable and his death was a tragedy. I never saw this band in their heyday, but enjoyed some re-union memories in later years. The hefty price-tag on this auction is an indication that Skyhooks are becoming more collectable. By the way, this speedway currently sits unloved and lost to the elements – adjacent the busy Monaro Highway in South Canberra. Fair to say that the majority of drivers who take this road bound for the Snowy Mountains would be unaware of some 70’s Australian rock (and speedway) history can be seen whizzing by.Time to give ‘Ego Is Not A Dirty Word’ a spin I reckon….(this post’s for you Gig Lizard)


What: Candy Harlots 1987 Sydney Gig Flier
Winning Bid: $5 AUS
Starting Bids: $5 AUS
Sale Date: 23 August 2013


with TRILOBITES (who may have been headlining…pretty definitely in fact…as this was one of the earliest Harltos gigs)
Official and original Australian handbill for their gig at the Mosman Hotel (where the Kelpies played many of their best gigs)…on 22nd August 1987

This is a great find – and significant – as (the seller correctly noted) it is one of the earliest gigs for the Candy Harlots – dating back to August of 1987. The hand-drawn band logo would remain in use for around another 12 months – before being altered. Hard to comprehend that this is 26 years ago (at one of the 70′s/80′s busiest live venues in Sydney’s north). Kiss Kiss Bang Bang indeed.

ImageWhat: Runaways – Waitin For The Night – Acetate
Winning Bid: $306 US
Starting Bids: $50 US
Sale Date: 26 October 2010

Waitin’ For The Night is one of my all-time top 10 records. Recently, my good pal Michael Butler focused on this album on his ‘Rock n Roll Geek Show’ podcast. So I’ve been re-playing it this week, and am falling in love with it all over again. What an album. Anyway, an acetate copy showed up on eBay some time back, and fetched around 300 dollars. I have been a fan of this band for over three decades – they were trailblazers who forged a new chapter in rock n roll without any blueprint. Their legacy looms large. Anyway, the lucky owner of this item has a genuine rock rarity to cherish….and Mr Rockbrat is envious !


What: Angels – Promotional Press Photo
Winning Bid: $  AUS
Starting Bids: $15 AUS
Sale Date: 5 May 2013

This is a great find – and a photo taken very early in the Angels career. Is this around 76 ? Already, Doc’s front-man stance oozes tons of attitude – whilst Rick – (who looks like he coulda been sending Captain Sensible a fashion idea) has his well-known head-tilt/guitar pose on display. Cool shot of the recently departed Chris Bailey too. Nice item. The early band logo looks a little too close to the Aerosmith’s – dontcha reckon ? In case you are interested – The Sphere Organization still operate from outta Sydney – and although they’ve gone with the current musical climate and look after mostly tribute bands – they also have Kev Borich, the Rads, Swanee and the Mentals on their books.