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Whilst rummaging through the Rockbrat archives I found some old RAM newspapers (Rock Australia Magazine) from the 1970s. In the issue from December 9, 1978 if this full page ad promoting the ‘If You Want Blood’ LP. Thought I’d share……


Ace signs to Megaforce - photo: Ron Akiyama

This photograph originally appeared in issue #8 of the Frehley’s Comet Fan Club newsletter ‘Comet Watch’. John and Marsha Z from Megaforce are in attendance at the signing as is Eddie Trunk, now well known as a DJ, author and host of That Metal Show.

Photo: Ron Akiyama

This ad for Kramer guitars appeared in an old issue of Circus magazine from 1984 and it certainly takes me back. As a teenager I used to stare at this ad though green eyes thinking that the dudes in the photo had it all. Two metalheads both sporting shag haircuts, wearing muscle shirts and posing number 9 in front of their girlfriends. Where do you find chicks like this ? I used to think. Attractive AND into heavy metal? The girls are looking up admiringly at their boyfriends who are both pretending to shred with their new Kramer axes. The girls look like attractive identical twins, cheerleaders possibly, and both A grade types who in reality would have nothing to do with metal or the two douche bags carrying on in front of them. A sunny suburban, middle class scene of white picket fences and elm tree lined streets is imagined. One of the girls is sitting with a puppy in her lap (I said puppy)- though in reality she looks like she’d be more at home with her jock boyfriend than this Eddie Van Halen wannabe in front of her. Both girls are dressed in mid 80s fashion, wearing life preserver vests as worn by Marty McFly’s girlfriend Jennifer in ‘Back To The Future’. The dude on the right is wearing a white jacket with the sleeves folded up. It’s no wonder both girls are checking out the other dude – the one in the sleeveless muscle shirt with serious Jeff Watson (Night Ranger) aspirations. Its a picture of innocent teen times, bottles of soda, the walls plastered with pictures of Van Halen and Eddie in particular (in 1983/84 there was none bigger remember) even some trophies that the boys won in the Little Leagues. They must have hid the porno mags before the girls arrived. They have a couple of albums lying around – Deep Purple: In Rock, Van Halen and Jeff Beck’s Truth LP. Way to go fellas – chicks dig guitar heroes. An envious friend is leering in from outside – sneaking a peek through the window at the scene of adolescent heavy metal wet dreams. Well – that’s was the message intended from Kramer Guitars right? Get the axe and the chicks will follow – just liked the rats and the pied piper. Smart idea from the marketing department. How many dudes fell for this huh? Plenty I bet. From my memory – there was VERY FEW chicks into heavy metal, and they were of dubious gender, it was very much a male’s domain. Chicks like the ones in the photo were into the chart music of the day- or whatever their jock boyfriend listened to. That all changed when John Bongiovi sanitised it and made it girl friendly. That’s another story I may have already written elsewhere. Next!

It’s 2040 and Deep Purple are on tour. A remarkably youthful looking Ritchie Blackmore attributes his good health to several years spent in the cryogenic deep freezer – a privilege that as this photo confirms, was not afforded to his band mates.  It’s a roadside stop and the boys break out the thermos of tea, “Ian, where’s the Digestives ?”, Ritchie asks.

After a couple of years hibernation,  by 1985, Ace Frehley  was starting to make himself visible again in the public domain. Musically, there was a bootleg that came out with his band that was recorded at NYC’s L’amour, with speculation rife amongst the KISS fanzines at that time about Ace’s actual appearance – what did he look liked unmasked ? Whilst his former cohorts in KI$$ showed the world what they looked like without the greasepaint in 1983 (though by then the majority of the rock world couldn’t have cared less) people still didn’t know what Ace looked like without his Spaceman paint. So it’s 1985 and Mr. Rockbrat and I are regular readers of Circus Magazine (“Just 16, Circus Magazine got the keys to her Daddy’s new car” – The Dictators ‘Loyola’) and shell out the whopping price of $4.60 to buy copies of the mag import every month. Circus was a lifeline for us to what was happening in the US hard rock world and was indispensible. Lo and behold, in a mid 1985 issue there is a full page advert for Laney amps with Ace advertising them. Here it is, 26 years later for your viewing pleasure. Might not mean much nowadays, but back then, a photo of Ace without his make up was a big deal.

Greetings from the Windy City: Photo Mark Weiss

This hair-raising shot of eternal Rockbrat favourite Mr Blackmore is priceless. What is going on here ? Surly Blackmore looks as miserable as all hell standing outside this dingy Holiday Inn, arms folded and hoping to get back inside his hotel room quick. ‘Here stand next to this white shit box’ the photographer asked. Sure why not ! Looks kinda blustery so whatever glue he used for the rug was doing an admirable job. This is circa 1981 by the way and taken by Mark Weiss who went on the be one of rock’s premier lensmen in the 80’s. Next !