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photos: courtesy Bob King

Not too many photos of Tyrone (or The Bombers in fact) exist. Shame really, cos back in the day they were a phenomenal live unit, with a rock solid line up of Alan Lancaster (Status Quo) and John Brewster (The Angels), and Tyrone on vocals out front. This photo was taken by Bob King. The date was May 11, 1990 and the were supporting Skid Row at Sydney’s Hordern Pavillion at Moore Park.


The Iceman and Klondike let rip !

Who: Hitmen DTK (with Deniz Tek)

Where: Annandale Hotel, NSW Australia  – 17 November 1991

Is this gig really 21 years back ? Where the hell are the years going ? This was when the Sydney rock n roll scene was still smoking, and great gigs were about as common as tatts on footballers. A Radio Birdman re-union, back then, like much of the 80’s always seemed unlikely, so having Tek and Masuak – two of Australia’s most underrated guitar players, both sharing a stage in Sydney once more was reason to celebrate. It was hot, it was sweaty. It was packed. It was, a great evening of rock n roll.

Divinyls take Tiffany’s – 1988 – photo: Anthony Leary

This image is one of my blog co-hort’s personal faves. What’s ironic – is – that although I saw and photographed the Divinyls a lot during the Temperamental tour, I am fairly certain I did not take this image ! The ol’ brain has forgotten much since 1988, but I think this was taken by an old rock n roll comrade named Anthony Leary, and the venue in question was Tiffany’s at Blacktown, in Sydney’s west. The image itself has a lot of magic. McEntee – locked in that familiar pose of his – whilst his long time rock n roll partner Christina, arms folded, is caught in moment of stage solitude. Truly great – well done Mr Leary….

"here Mr Rockbrat, you look skint, come on in for a bacon butty and cup of tea La"

Now here is a classic image taken by Mr Rockbrat, during the english summer of 1991. Known world over as the childhood home of John Lennon, 251 Menlove Avenue is still high on the list of Beatle-droids visiting Liverpool.  The National Trust, who had previously acquired Macca’s childhood home did not purchase this property, and I believe it was Yoko Ono who bought it, then handed it over to them. What a gal. I believe the public are available to visit the property nowadays, which underwent some renovation work in recent years (I would’ve restored it to its’ original design and given the ugly ‘blue plaque’ look a wide berth). Three years after Mr Rockbrat took this shot, the boys from Manchester decided to use an image of Mendips on the cover for their Live Forever single. Always said Oasis had good taste…..

Micki Free and Jean Beauvoir - London Marquee 1994 photo: Denis Gray

Who: Crown of Thorns – Marquee London 1994

Me and the Cowboy were bunkered down on a rock n roll tour of duty in the UK in 93/94. Among the many bands we saw were the Jean Beauvoir fronted Crown Of Thorns at the London Marquee. There is much to like about the great Jean.Beouviour. His solo material  from the 80’s is worth your time discovering because is writes classy rock tunes. After his days as a Plasmatic, I zeroed on on him once again though my love of Kiss – seeing his name as a co-songwriter with Stanley during the Animalize days (eg the amazing Thrills In The Night’) – Not sure how he and Stanley crossed musical paths but it’s a blessing that they did.  Actually he and Paul Stanley are very similar style musicians and performers. OK he doesn’t dance and prance like the Starchild (who does !?) but Jean Beauvoir is one of those singers who you focus on most of the show. Looking back the gig was great  and if you search youtube you’ll no doubt come across some footage from this era. Not one of Mr Rockbrat’s technically perfect photographs (eg flash and large black hat) but it’s a window in time of a very cool gig. That’s the very cool Micki Free from with the headband on – one of the most underrated guitar players around (I remember him acknowledging Mr Rockbrat near the backstage door before show time!). Great days. Hike It Up !!!

Marc Lee De Hugar of The Candy Harlots lets it rip.....1988

If the Kardomah Cafe in Kings Cross was the spiritual home for Sydney’s Candy Harlots – then the St. James Tavern in Castlereagh Street must have come a close second. The St. James Tavern had a long flight of stairs at the entrance, and looking back, must surely have been a bit of a fire trap risk. In 1988/89, I saw a stack of bands there, including bands like the Screaming Tribesmen, Psychotic Turnbuckles and Celibate Rifles, and I  must have seen the Candy Harlots there about 10 times – and it was always good. They often were supported by the underrated all girl band the Rum Babas, who had a distinctive and original tribal beat. I remember seeing Angry Anderson there one night – he’s come to check out the Candy Harlots.  Some of the live footage for their ‘Red Hot Rocket’ video was filmed there. In 1988, Mr. Rockbrat and Cowboy Col travelled all over Sydney to see the Candy Harlots, the ‘next biggest thing’, who came so close to inking with a major label it wasn’t funny. In 88, they were the best kept secret on Sydney’s live scene – and had an amazing young guitar player who had fast fingers, flash, and hair as big as Steve Stevens. His name was Marc Lee De Hugar, and he was part of the Candy Harlots line up that I remember most fondly – along with Mark Easton, Tony Cardinal, Leeno Dee and Ron Barratt (RIP). Here’s a photo taken by Mr. Rockbrat of De Hugar in action at the St. James Tavern in July, 1988. Great days my friends…….it only seems like yesterday! (If you have a look at the photo of Mr. Rockbrat at page left, you will see he is wearing a Candy Harlots Tee Shirt – the first ones the band ever made)

Gene being wheeled out

Ok, not exactly from the Rockbrat image collection, but still worthwhile sharing. For a minute there I had to do a double take and make sure that this photo wasnt of a fat Gene, but alas, once I put my glasses on, I could see it was a KI$$ car – yep, nice one fellas, what a productive use of your time, promoting Gene’s mug AGAIN. Like he needs the exposure. Kiss fans are the most devoted ever. I’m sure Gene appreciated the effort the guys went to to create a car in his likeness. His image is copyright remember fellas. Oh yeah!