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Who doesn’t dig Neil Young ? If you don’t, it must be a lonely place in that cave. Young’s 1982 album Trans features art which is deservedly in the Rockbrat Classic Art Collection. It’s tops. Done by Barry Jackson, it kinda represents what Young is all about – and that image of the hitch hiker thumbing a lift at right resembles him a little as well. Great album with some very poignant artwork. Ahead of his time, the image at left could be where we are at now, what with every second human being battling obesity after  queuing up for a big screen TV or some new Apple device so they can waste their time on some Reality Show. Screw that – I’ll take the scene on the right any day. A simple life for simpler times. Three cheers Neil.


Pulled this out of the wax collection whilst searching for interesting album art. I’ve always liked this one, which is the Visual Lies album from Lizzy Borden. Looks like Lizzy took an axe to the TV on the cover and gave it forty whacks before the photo shoot ! This is circa 1986 which means no Photoshop or other Image editing software was common place. It’s shot by legendary rock photographer Mark Weiss, who seemed to have the rock and metal market cornered during this time period. It’s a great shot (designed by Becky Menin – according to the credits) with vocalist Borden sprayed silver and crawling out of a smashed Television set. The red lighting behind him adds to the setting on a classic piece of album cover art. Oh the album itself is super-great as well, and features the anthemic ‘Me Against The World’ . Aghh take me back to 86 folks…

Man oh man did I play this thing to death upon release. 1989 was a great year for local Australian releases and this was one of many. I’ve always loved the cover art which is why it deserves recognition here. The 4 Track EP still kicks major ass with Justice Blind the first song up. Still sounding better than ever. A Slice Of Life was also included here and is another Hitmen classic. But back to the cover. It was drawn by Dwayne Labbe, who is one of the most respected animators in the world today.  According to the site IMDB, Labbe was accredited by Chuck Jones as one of the few animators since the great Ken Harris of the 1940s to have a real grasp on the Warner Bros characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck etc. Hey and it was so impressive Hitmen guitarist Klondike had it inked on his left shoulder ! Oh by the way, before you ask – it stood for Utopian Emotional Love Aura !

I was once a massive vinyl collector (really, there was no other format unless you purchased a cassette for the car or your giant sized walkman!) and I am not going to – ahem, wax lyrical about why records ruled. Not now anyway. I get tired of the record vs MP3 debate.  But when I see superb artwork like this it brings back some great memories and I feel like re-subscribing to Record Collector Magazine and hitting a Record Fair straight away ! For all you youngsters too young to know, that is the great Aerosmith pictured at left – on the insert for their Rocks album. I could not locate who did the illustration…were they even credited ? Whatever, it is a very cool image which caputures the band in very accurate pose. Let’s see you do that with your MP3 file !  True classic album art from the mid-70’s.