Who is Mr Rockbrat ?

Mr Rockbrat was raised on the East Coast of Australia. First gig the Rockbrat saw was a school performance by a singer/songwriter who played guitar named Ray Price. Some kids got AC/DC at their school – we got Ray Price (and no I don’t think it was the legendary US Country performer or was it ?). A steady diet of loud Australian rock n roll followed – school text books being swapped for local rock mags like RAM and Juke. Hard earned cash was spent on import copies of Circus or Rock Scene Magazines.

It started with older siblings heavily into Lou Reed, Bowie and Zeppelin and grew from there. AC/DC, TMG, Angels, Status Quo, The Sweet, Slade, Faces, Alice Cooper, Stones, Sabbath, Purple, Suzi Quatro, Stooges….I was like a fat kid in a chocolate shop and the Rockbrat brain couldn’t absorb it quick enough. This was actually a blue-print for the next three decades of my life with an addiction to loud guitars requiring a daily fix….Rose Tattoo, Lobby Loyde, Skynyrd, Billy Thorpe.

This musical journey of discovery rampaged on……the Runaways, Joan Jett, Thin Lizzy, Radio Birdman, Johnny Thunders, Motorhead  to name but a few. I was in the original Kiss Army and for a long time was a denim clad headbanger complete with studs and sew-on patches (which screamed my affection for Kiss, Maiden, Twisted Sister, Dio etc)……and became immersed in the local Sydney HM scene of the mid-80’s….and so it went on…..Hitmen, Divinyls, Screaming Tribesmen, Girl Monstar, Jeff Dahl, Kevin K….and the love of loud rock n roll continues to this very day.

I was also an unabashed girl-band geek…..Girlschool, Rock Goddess, Lita Ford, Bangles, Babes In Toyland, Pandoras, Birtha, Bikini Kill, Fluffy, Phantom Blue – it was a never-ending road of discovery and I loved it all ! Somewhere along the way the Lennon and McCartney bugs bit and like millions before me – became a massive fan. Lennon will forever be a god to the Rockbrat.

Then whilst living in London in 1994 the Gallagher brothers floored the Rockbrat with a debut album which left me in awe – the Oasis/Rockbrat love affair lasted for 15 years – with the Rockbrat even flying to Japan in March of 2009 to follow the tour – which would ultimately be the last time the boys would play the land of the rising sun. Consequently the Rockbrat record collection grew out of control with an assortment of collectables gathered along the way. This blog is a great place to share memories, to rant and rave, to display lost treasures. We will do our best to try to update it regularly and hope you find something here which interests you !

Contributing to the Rockbrat Blog will be his rock n roll co-hort CowboyCol – who will also be a regular on Rockbrat Radio. The preservation of cool rock n roll  is in safe hands my friends

yours in cool tunage
Mr Rockbrat