Rockbrat Remembers: When Escape & John The Beast came to Sydney

Posted: February 8, 2014 by Cowboy Col in Rockbrat Remembers:
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In the mid 80s, Adelaide’s Escape caused quite a stir amongst the HM community – on the east coast at least. Their guitar player, John The Beast, was quite literally – bigger than Ben Hur. For a band  that relied heavily on its image and stage show – it comes as a surpise that no recorded legacy exists of the bands existence. Man punters will of course remember when John The Beast appeared on Sounds, or Adelaide Tonight etc. The media interest however, was always based on the size of the man, and the array of gear he used to attire himself in – including, from memory, a guitar with an engine ! Great days. Here is a couple of old interviews I found from old Sydney newspapers I was thumbing through today. One by Stuart Coupe.  Apologies for the quality. Click on images to enlarge.

  1. Fantastic! I remember enjoying the vox-pops with John (and other Oz metal musicians) on ABC’s Beatbox back in the 80s.

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