What’s The Rockbrat Viewing Today ? Spinal Tap Interview (1987)

Posted: August 8, 2012 by rockbrat in What's The Rockbrat Viewing Today ?

So who’s up for a laugh ! This interview with David St. Hubbins and Nigel Tufnel from UK TV in 1987 is a riot. With comments like ‘We cruise at 135 decibels and we spike at 160’, this is the stuff of real men. A man’s man. The clincher for me was at 2:20 when Joey states ‘We’ve always had a great sense of humour”!. Now that is funny !. Oh and before any of you Nordic warriors sound your fog horns and start sharpening your flints, I bought ‘Fighting The World’ back in the day. and still dig it. But remember rivet-heads, tis a fine line between stupid and clever. Next !

  1. Vagabondage says:

    “We don’t do anything fake – nothing false about Manowar !” Death to False Metal. Yawn.
    Hey DeMaio – let Funicello have a say !

  2. black_widow76 says:

    I hadn’t seen this. Very funny. Joey DeMaio is SO SERIOUS I nearly fell off my chair. LMAO

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