Burrn Magazine – Japan’s Heavy Metal Bible – Contact Information

Posted: November 25, 2011 by rockbrat in Ask Mr Rockbrat

I am often contacted by bands/ PR people outside of Japan in search of contact details for Burrn! Magazine, Japan’s long running rock and metal publication. The only contact information contained in the magazine is subscription info, but they are published by Shinko Music whose web site is at:

e-mail address is:sales@shinko-music.co.jp

Send your demo tape or CD to the address below – no responsibility for lost mail or if they do not review your band – this post is merely to provide contact infomation. Wakarimashita ? 分かりました



  1. Tiffany Tolbert says:

    I was wondering how I can buy the new magazine coming out this week with Nikki Sixx on the cover!!!

  2. Hello! thanks for the article, useful! Is there an address without Kanji? thanks

  3. Kim Wouda says:

    What email-address to send Digital promos?
    / Kim

  4. metal4ever says:

    do you know where I can but the Feb 2017 issue feat. Helloween ?

    • rockbrat says:

      we often get asked if Burrn! is available for purchase outside Japan.
      Bookstores like Kinokuniya often stock Burrn! Magazine – maybe they can order that copy in for you if they don’t have it ? Amazon Japan are also selling the publication online.

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