Rockbrat’s Audio Archive: Cheap Trick Live At Jindabyne Hotel, NSW 18 August 1990

Posted: November 13, 2011 by Cowboy Col in Rockbrat's Audio Archive:
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I was recently contacted by a Rockbrat reader regarding the poster for this gig, Cheap Trick at Jindabyne Hotel in the NSW Snowy Mountains back in August, 1990. So I fished out out the bootleg cassette I made of the show, I honestly havent listend to this tape since that time in Winter 1990..I blew off the dust and was again reminded how consumate a band Cheap Trick really are. This was only their second night in Australia – and they were playing the Jindabyne Hotel. They played several cuts off of their then just released 1990 album ‘Busted’. Many high points in the set, including Tom Peterson doing his killer version of ‘I Know What I Want’. Is their anyone cooler than Tom Peterson ? Or Zander ? Anyway, for your listening enjoyment, here is the band’s second last song of the evening and it’s a good one, “they persecute me right here in JINDABYNE!” That’s right, an MP3 of Dream Police from the Jindabyne Hotel, 18/8/1990.  Never heard anywhere else, so for the first time, a 21 year old gift to you from Cowboy Col. Enjoy. Download it here  

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  2. rsmithing says:

    Hey man, very cool representing the ‘Trick! If you haven’t already, you might enjoy a listen to the 1998 re-recording of In Color. I actually link to your post right here and link to the tracks over at:

    I’d love to know your thoughts on it in a blog comment at my place if you’re up for that.


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