Rockbrat Wonders: Belinda Carlisle – From Elks Lodge to Tuggeranong !

Posted: January 25, 2011 by rockbrat in Rockbrat Wonders:

Former GoGo Belinda Carlisle is touring Australia soon – but it ain’t a stadium tour, or even a large venue tour. It’s an auditorium tour of the clubs….and don’t think clubs as in rock clubs. Think mini casinos, where mostly portly people, after inhaling their chicken schnitzels and chips, might put some bucks through a poker machine and then go check out the band in the auditorium. “Hey I remember her” will be the likely comment, “She used to sing Heaven On Earth”. Jesus, Belinda Carlisle and The GoGo’s are great and Mr Rockbrat loved that band. I think I’d rather preserve those memories and not the one’s which I can envisionage at auditorium’s around Australia. Yikes

  1. Christal says:

    And to think she was the original drummer in the Germs!

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