Rockbrat Wonders: Which Rocker Wore The Most Ridiculous Wig ? Marky Ramone

Posted: January 23, 2011 by rockbrat in Rockbrat Wonders:
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here kitty, kitty, kitty.

How can we do a post like this and not include Marc Bell aka Marky Ramone. Again, let me state that we love the Ramones as much as anyone, but drummer Marky’s wig was one of rock n roll’s worst kept secrets. Last time I saw the Ramones was in ’89 and my ears are still-a-ringing. The real deal my friends. Often imitated (hello most Tokyo punk outfits) but never bettered. Timeless. If you never saw them live, you missed out. Go get a DVD and see how it was done.  Bet ya never knew that Marky drummed back in 1971 for a band called Dust which also featured Richie Wise on guitar ! They cut recorded product which was produced by one Kenny Kerner. That’s right Kiss-freaks, Kerner and Wise – names now famous with the early Kiss should that be Kisstory. Sheesh, if things had’ve worked out differently, our Marky coulda been the Catman who knows ? At least he woulda been in a band wear sporting a dead black cat on your head was not unusual ! Entrant # 2 is Mr Marky Ramone – Next !!

  1. Neil says:

    vinnie vincent

  2. Marky's wife says:

    Marky is a legend in his own mind…spaghetti sauce, really? Anything to capitalize on the Ramones name. He’s still pissed he didn’t get any T Shirt money!

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