Classic Album Art From The Rockbrat Collection: Lizzy Borden – Visual Lies

Posted: January 12, 2011 by rockbrat in Classic Album Art From The Rockbrat Collection:
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Pulled this out of the wax collection whilst searching for interesting album art. I’ve always liked this one, which is the Visual Lies album from Lizzy Borden. Looks like Lizzy took an axe to the TV on the cover and gave it forty whacks before the photo shoot ! This is circa 1986 which means no Photoshop or other Image editing software was common place. It’s shot by legendary rock photographer Mark Weiss, who seemed to have the rock and metal market cornered during this time period. It’s a great shot (designed by Becky Menin – according to the credits) with vocalist Borden sprayed silver and crawling out of a smashed Television set. The red lighting behind him adds to the setting on a classic piece of album cover art. Oh the album itself is super-great as well, and features the anthemic ‘Me Against The World’ . Aghh take me back to 86 folks…

  1. Tim BUCKMAN says:

    nice record that one recently got it on cd , YES ME AGAINST THE WORLD TIS A GREAT SONG

  2. I saw them recreate that album cover live on stage.

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