I’ve owned about 350 Johnny Thunders bootlegs, and have recently I have been going through and sorting through them, when amongst them I found these gig  adverts for a couple of Thunders dates in Sydney in late September, early October 1986. Interestingly, only one booteg exists from this tour that I know of, Le Rox in Adelaide and after all these years no others have resurfaced. That really comes as no surprise as Jerry Nolan’s wife Charlotte Sunna told me that on that tour, one of her jobs was to go through the crowd and nab people bootlegging with tape recorders! (By the way, you can check out the tribute article I wrote about Jerry Nolan some 15 years back here).  The two week tour of Australia almost ended in tragedy when the tour promoter, Peter Noble, who was also driving them, rolled the tour bus. Everyone was shaken and shocked, and Jerry Nolan broke his collar-bone but carried on drumming, using just his wrist. Financially, the tour was no a success. Ironically, Peter Noble has run the mega successful Byron Bay Blues Festival for many years now. Anyway, I thought I’d share these. Gig adverts for the Tivioli and The Hills Inn at Seven Hills…..and you could have seen Lightning Rock the night before!

  1. MJG196 says:

    Thank you VERY much for these! Definitely adding ’em to our gigography at the Chatterbox, http://chatterbox.freeforumboard.net.

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