Guess What The Rockbrat Found On eBay ? Ramones 1980 Tour tee-shirt

Posted: September 2, 2010 by rockbrat in Guess What Mr Rockbrat Found On eBay ?

What: Ramones 1980 World Tour Tee Shirt
Winning Bid: $124 US
Sale Date: 8 May 2010

This shirt was sold recently on eBay from a seller who purchased it on the UK 1980 Tour. It’s a great example of just how collectable the Ramones have become when a well-worn shirt like this selles for a whopping $124 US ! It’s enough to give me a brain drain….

  1. Ian Lobb says:

    Hi mate, noticed the blog about ramones 1980 world tour tshirt selling for $124! Guess what – I have 2(two) of the very same shirts (in medium). Whats more, I have the ticket stub for the concert at the Electric Ballroom, Campden Town, London!!! What do you think that lots worth?

  2. Ian Lobb says:

    hi mate, yeah i’ve got 3 1980 tour shirts. the 2 non-stop world tour shirts are actually from the Assembly Rooms in Derby, England on Fri. 3 Oct and I have the ticket stub from this concert. I also have a tour shirt from the Electic Ballroom, Campden Town, London on Sat.23 Feb. also with ticket stub!

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