Classic Image From The Rockbrat Photo Collection: Sheek the Shayk (1999)

Posted: August 23, 2010 by Cowboy Col in Classic Image From The Rockbrat Photo Collection:
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Who: Sheek The Shayk
Where: Newtown RSL – Sydney 1999

The Rockbrat launched Vicious Kitten Records in 1999. It was the logical progression after Vicious Kitten Fanzine ended in December, 1998. The first band to be signed up to the label was Sydney 60’s garage punk outfit Sheek The Shayk. The band featured two ex members of the Psychotic Turnbuckles, a band that the Rockbrat was a big fan of, so Sheek The Shayk was a logical first choice. The band released their debut 7″, a three track EP on Vicious Kitten records in 1999. I caught the band at Newtown RSL in Sydney in early 1999. Here is a photo from the night of the Sheek himself.

  1. smauge says:

    I reckon I was probably at that gig

  2. Guy says:

    sorry Rockbrat but ask any member of SHEEK THE SHAYK and they will tell you Guy was their biggest human (not ape) fan on the planet.

    • Cowboy Col says:

      uh OK, cool. Not sure I made the claim to being the bands biggest fan, but I certainly believed in the band enough to fund / release their first EP. I was a big Turnbuckle fan though, they rule the world….

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