Rockbrat’s Audio Archive: Angry Anderson tells the Rockbrat that he will never work with Rose Tattoo ever again! (1990)

Posted: August 20, 2010 by Cowboy Col in Rockbrat's Audio Archive:
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On the 3rd of October, 1990 Angry Anderson appeared on the ‘Rocksat’ programme, a weekly radio show which was broadcast across Australia on the Triple M network. Angry was promoting his ‘Blood From Stone’ album. The brother of Rockbrat called in and asked Angry, “Is there any chance of you working with Pete Wells or Mick Cocks again?” Tune in to listen to Angry’s response. Another gem dusted off from the Rockbrat audio archives. Here’s the UK cover of Angry’s ‘Beats From A single Drum’ LP. It’s no wonder this album didnt ship gold in the UK as its ranks as one of the worst choice of album cover art we’ve seen. This type of poster on the bedroom wall would keep the kiddies awake at night. We love Angry, but I think the marketing section of his UK record company needed a clip around the ears for this one.  Listen here

  1. […] playing tricks ? I mean, Wellsy and Angry both had solo careers and Angry had even once told the Cowboy on national radio – that there’d never be a re-union !! But here was the proof right in […]

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