Rockbrat Wonders: Where Has The Humour Gone In Rock n Roll ?

Posted: August 19, 2010 by rockbrat in Rockbrat Wonders:

Am inspired to write this brief post after receiving a nice ‘F.U’ from a Rockbrat fan – not at all pleased with the Mick Taylor show review from 1994.  Can you imagine getting so worked up cos some schmuck in Australia didn’t like a show from an artist you happen to like – that you’d take the time to e-mail him an insult ?   Give the Rockbrat a break. Instead of name-calling, why not highlight some of Taylor’s recent work which may make me take another look at him. Yeah, Mick Taylor was awful that night – but that’s my opinion cos it’s my blog. It’s a free world and Freedom of Speech means the opinion of the Rockbrat gets the green light, every time. You like Mick Taylor ? Happy as all hell that you do. Go start your own blog, site whatever and tell the world about how great Taylor is. I like Mick Taylor too – but that doesn’t mean he, or anyone else I admire is above criticism. I gotta ask -dude – where is your sense of humor ? Rock n roll is not, read NOT a serious business.  Take the negative posts with a pinch of salt my friend – or better yet, go read another blog. Thanks for taking the time to contact us anyway…


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